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About Us

About Us:

Sahar Universal Network started to air its English programs for an hour a day since 16 December 1997, and it gradually enhanced its airtime up to 4 hours a day. The English service of Sahar Universal Network, which after launching the 24-hour English language news network called Press TV, now with an educative approach to producing and broadcasting programs as of the beginning of the year 2010, is aired 6 hours daily on channel 2 of Sahar Universal Network.

Like the other five TVs of Sahar Universal Network, English TV is broadcast by Hotbird 8 and Asia Sat 3. It covers a vast area including whole Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus, some parts of Northern Africa, Oceania, and all the countries in the subcontinent of India and Eastern Asia too. Thus, the particular audiences of English TV are the English-speakers living in U.S., Europe, Oceania and the world.

Although the main function of English TV is to propagate the Islamic educations, the structure of the topics and genres of programs in English TV is miscellaneous. In a general view, to promulgate its messages, English TV of Sahar Universal Network does not only take the political issues into account. In that case, politics is not the only matter that is focused by the English TV team, but the cultural, social and economical hot topics are concentrated.
This medium makes use of different genres in producing the programs. News, miscellaneous programs, scientific and social documentaries, clips, game shows, etc. are some of these genres.

English TV has produced drama works such as "Life's Behavaran" (Mahdi Kiani - 1999), "A Guest" (Saeed Tehrani Yeganeh - 2000), "Kites' Night" (Seyed Noureddin Hejazi - 2003), "Under the Church's Dome" (Akbar Tahvilian - 2004) and among its most significant works one can refer to routine daily or weekly program including:

*Spectrum Iran (In this weekly live program in order to give more educational information, this 35-minute program tries to discuss and analyze the latest and most important cultural, social and educational events with the help of Iranian and foreign connoisseurs.),

*Centre Stage is a weekly 35-minute long live Q&A show. The show’s predecessors were ‘The World of Islam’, ‘Awakening’ & ‘Truth’. At Centre Stage we do our best to cover the most recent and most important issues taking center stage in the world of Islam as well as elsewhere across the globe where such issues affect Islam and Muslims. We also endeavor to carefully examine the impact of such significant issues on Muslims and non-Muslims alike across the world. Most importantly, however, we hope our discussions can -among other things- help portray the true image of the world's fastest growing religion. Each week, the program features a panel of at least two of the world's top scholars and analysts, who discuss the subjects from various perspectives. Their input into the topics on both academic and practical levels attracts a wide range of viewers and caters to a variety of needs and tastes.

*Horizon (As a cultural-theological magazine this program tries to act as a connecting rod between English Theological TV and its audiences to make the viewers familiar with the policies of this TV and the current religious or cultural issues.)

*Iran Travel Guide (This program aims to introduce and show touristy attractions of Iran, especially cultural heritage of this country to English-speaking audiences in order to attract tourists. Some parts of this program are produced in a live way and some parts in a produced way.)

English service of Sahar Universal Network has produced many different documentary works (Mandela Companions, Siamese Sheik, Kenya, etc.) and other genres to be presented to its audience.

How to Receive the Pictures of Sahar Universal Network

Hotbird (13°E)
Freq: 12437
SR: 29900
FEC: 3/4
Pol: H

Paksat (38°E)
Freq: 4060
SR: 23000
FEC: 5/6
Pol: H

Paksat (38°E)
Freq: 3733
SR: 18000
FEC: 8/9
Pol: V

Freq: 12303

AsiaSat7 @105.5E
Freq: 3880
Fec: ¾

The Airtime of English TV
(In the First Half of Solar Year: March 21 to September 22)
Tehran Local Time:

22:30- 7:30  (18:00-03:00 GMT)


The Airtime of English TV
(In the Second Half of Solar Year: September 23 to March 20)
Tehran Local Time:

21:30-6:30  (18:00-3:00 GMT)

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