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Christians and Muslims celebrate "The Annunciation Day" at the garden of forgiveness. Our correspondent from Beirut has more.

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ISIL has released a video purporting the death of al-Kasasbeh, in which he can be seen being burned alive inside a metal    cage.

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This version of Insight contains an interview with Sayyid Hussein Alamdar, a Muslim thinker who has been translating several important books on Islam, into English, for the people in the US and other English speaking people around the world. He introduces some of his books, and answers questions on a Muslims's duties at this critical juncture of history. 

Click here to reach his books.

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The third Shiite Imam, Imam Husayn, peace be upon him, created a momentous Islamic revolution, which has continued to live as history has gone by. In Arbaeen millions of people started walking to Karbala to show the message of Ashura still lives. In this program we talked with Dr. Mahmoud Karimi and Dr. Mohammad Sagha Biria about incentives of this great movement.

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In continuation of previous discussion we talked about the issue of marriage in this version of Open Talk. Actually this is the topic which most people around the world concern about because constitution of family is one the most important parts of human’s life. We have invited two top Islamic scholars to tell us how Islam advises people for marriage.

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This episode of program is about the auto part exhibition held in Tehran which is one the most important events in the Middle East. We invited Mohammadreza Najafi-Manesh who is a member of Iran’s Automotive Part Maker Association to explain more about Iran’s improvements in auto industry.

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- World Shiite Muslims commemorate Arbaeen;
- Senior cleric condemns human rights violations, torture by US;
- New Intifada to emerge in West Bank;
- Photo Gallery: Arbaeen mourners, the world's biggest religious community.

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Egyptian court found former president Hosni Mubarak not guilty of conspiring to kill hundreds of protesters during the 2011 uprising, which led to his ouster.
In this version of Center Stage we invited two top analysts, Mubarak Henia and Dr. Ali Kabbany, to join us discussing different aspects of this decision.

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Prominent Muslim scholars from more than 70 countries have come together in the Iranian city of Qom for a conference on Takfiri ideologies and threats.
In this episode we talked with Dr. Mohsen Qanbari about different aspects of this conference.

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In this episode:

- Popular protests in US herald end of media censorship: Iranian MP;
- Zionist FM: Pay Arabs to leave;
- Official: ISIL terrorists pursuing Israel's goals in region;
- Photo: Anti-Israel movement around the world.

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After a frenetic week of diplomacy in Vienna negotiators decided to extend their discussions for seven more months in the search for a comprehensive agreement that would end a 12-year dispute on Iran’s nuclear work. The new deadline is now March the 1st, 2015, with a deadline for final agreement including annexes on July the 1st.
This  version of Center Stage is about the important meetings about Iran's nuclear program and what's happened around it.

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Modern day family crisis in the world is the subject of this episode of Open Talk. In this program you can find an informative discussion about the important topic of family in modern life with our guest and also short clips about the topic.

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