Sunday 17 February 2019
Last Update: Tuesday 14 July

Today they have traveled to Gilan and have visited the city. Then they saw an old house there. Finally they visited Time Museum in Tehran.

Date:2013-07-08 16:51:08 | Visites: 677 | Like: 1

In this version they continued their travel to Kashan and have had another look at Grand Bazar of Kashan. Then they went to Tehran and visited Shemshak. Finally they have visited Artak Manookian Museum in Tehran.

Date:2013-07-03 12:09:22 | Visites: 746 | Like: 0

Kariz,underground town in Kish Island, Tochal in Tehran, and Grand Bazar of Kashan are aspects of Iran shown in this version of Iran Travel Guide.

Date:2013-06-29 18:20:16 | Visites: 730 | Like: 0

This version introduces Abyaneh (Kashan) and Tonekabon (Mazandaran). They have also visited an Italian restaurant in Tehran.

Date:2013-06-18 14:48:41 | Visites: 1041 | Like: 1

In this episode they traveled to Gilan and have visited Masouleh. Then they show us Milad Tower in Tehran, the modern and historical city. At last they visited Anzali Lagoon, Gilan.

Date:2013-06-11 12:16:58 | Visites: 860 | Like: 0

In this episode they traveled to Kashan and have visited Fin Garden. Then they show us different aspects of Kish Island like Aquaruim and Dolphin park. At last they visited Tochal in Velenjak, Tehran.

Date:2013-06-04 13:39:54 | Visites: 631 | Like: 0

This version introduces some aspects of Iran : Masouleh (Gilan), Kish Island, and Esfahan.

Date:2013-05-28 13:13:08 | Visites: 693 | Like: 0

This version introduces some aspects of Iran like: Janate Roodbar (Mazandaran), Under Ground Transportation System (Tehran), and Kariz, Under Ground Town (Kish Island).

Date:2013-05-21 12:03:05 | Visites: 700 | Like: 0

This episode contains fishing in Caspian Sea beaches. They also visited Aviary (Kish Island) and Grand Bazar of Kashan.

Date:2013-05-14 12:29:27 | Visites: 791 | Like: 0

In this version they introduce the Church of Holy Maryam (Tehran), Niasar (Kashan), and Shemshak (Tehran)

Date:2013-05-07 20:59:05 | Visites: 761 | Like: 0

This week they have traveled to: Shemshak (Tehran), Abyaneh (Kashan), and Kish

Date:2013-04-30 13:39:33 | Visites: 899 | Like: 0

In this episode:
Namak Abrood (Mazandaran),Abyaneh (Kashan), and Music Museum (Tehran)


Date:2013-04-22 15:22:33 | Visites: 789 | Like: 1

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