Thursday 21 February 2019
Last Update: Tuesday 14 July

In this episode we will talk about consultation and why it’s important in our daily lives and the major role it can play for us. We’ll also discuss the importance of consultation according to Islam with our expert, Dr. Sayyed Nasrollah Ebrahimi. As always, in addition to our discussion we have different interesting parts you will enjoy.

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Today we’ll be answering your questions regarding some religious issues such as prayers, ablutions, foods and other topics. Today we’ll also have the second episode of Islamic lifestyle about the importance of deliberation with Dt. Sekaleshfar.
In addition to that, you’ll be hearing articles, book introduction, and your emails.
Our guest today is Dt. Mahmood Karimi, a professor of theology at Imam Sadiq university.

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In this edition we talked about our infallible Imams and how we as Muslims can follow their footsteps to have a better life. Newsbite, book introduction, story, and report are other different parts of this show with presence of Dr. Mohammad Asadi Movahhed, university lecturer.

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In this episode of Pure Home we talked about the Intl. Qur’an Competitions held in Tehran and also the impacts of the holy Qur’an on lives of Muslims. We invited Dr. Davood Ramezani Takallomi who is member of the Intl. Qur’an competitions committee. As always we have articles, book introduction and reports. In addition we have started a new section about Islamic Lifestyle in which today the expert speaks about the importance of deliberation.

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This version of program has given children the center stage. We see how their brain works, how they learn and also discuss some tips to deal with them as parents. Reports, stories and video clip are different parts of this program alongside our discussion with Dr. Mohsen Reza Hyderi, university professor, about children.

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This episode of Pure Home is dedicated to talk about the life of Imam Ali (AS), the first Shiite Imam, the command of faithful as he was called and see how can we incorporate his teachings in our lives these days. Further we have articles, video clips and other interesting parts in this show. Our guest is Prof. Hamid Jamshidi Rad, dean of applied science university.

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Today's show is called "Muslim Women's Hijab at Workplace". We asked Dr. Mahnaz Bahaji to explain more about women's dressing code. From Here and There, reports, and music video are different parts of this program.

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Infertility is one of the most important problems in the modern world. This has different reasons and also different answers introduced to cure it most of which are based on surgeries. In this show we discussed about “Surrogacy and Family” with Dr. Reza Samani who is head of department of reproductive health in Royan institute.

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In this program we reviewed different aspects of Hazrat Zahra’s (SA) life and personality as the best symbol for all women. Today we invited Dr. Touran Jamshidian, Islamic scholar and researcher, to explain more about Hazrat Zahra (SA). This show also contains different parts, as always, like report and “From Here & There”.

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This episode contains the next part of our discussion with Dr. Sayyed Javad Mazloomi about computer games and their impacts on children.
Story: “A Drop of Honey” from the book “Sanbadnameh” by Zahiri Samarghandi.

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Saving natural resources is one of the most important issues in the modern age. This version of Pure Home is about environmental conversation in the world. We talked with Dr. Esmaeil Kahrom, ecologist and environmental activist, about this subject.

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This version of program is the first one in the new Iranian year. As new year comes we all try to make new decisions like losing weight, being a better person, start to work out, making new friends, and so on. But the question is that how much we fulfill these decisions. Or we just made them because we are happy or excited? In this version we talked more about this issue with Dr. Fatemi. Today the history is called “The Servant’s Shoe”.

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