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In this week's show we gathered most staffs of Sahar TV and talked with them about the upcoming Nowruz, new Persian year. Our story is also about one of ancient Persian stories about Nowruz, "Uncle Nowruz".

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Why do Iranians call the beginning of spring "Nowruz"?!

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This program is about the formation of our habits and we tried to find a way to quit bad ones. Our expert was Prof. Hamid Jamshidi Rad. The story of this program was "The Sheep Head" from Persian folklore stories.

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In this show we talked about expectation as a part of human's behavior. So we asked Dr. Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi to explain us about expectation in a psychological perspective. Further our story is called "The Servant’s Shoe", from Persian Folklore stories. Our report is about an exhibition of Moarragh art.

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There is an undeniable fact that media has a huge impact on our life. It has an equally significant impact on the raising of our children because we are in a time and age that media have surrounded many aspects of our life. In this episode, we continued our ongoing discussion about media and we have reached the point of computer games and their effects on our children. We asked Dr. Sayyed Javad Mazloomi, Islamic expert, to help us in this subject. Our story is called “Three Conditions”, from Persian folklore stories, and the report is the second part of our visit to elderly empowering center, Hosna.

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Subject: Eating Disorders & Obesity;
Expert: Dr. Hashim Reza, Consultant Psychiatrist;
Report: Elderly Empowering Center (Hosna);
Story: The Basket of Lie, from Persian Folklore Stories.

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In this episode of Pure Home we talked with our guest, Laya Etemad Saeid, cultural activist, about "Women & the Revolution" and the situation of women in Iran after the Islamic Revolution. This week's story was called "Crazy & Crazier", from Persian Folklore stories. And finally our report was about the art of the Islamic Revolution.

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This week’s subject: Qur’anic Family;
Expert: Prof. Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher;
This week’s report: Herbal Medicine in Iran- Part 2;
Story: The Tail & the Ear, from Persian Folklore Stories.

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This week’s subject: Understanding Cultural Values within Family & Society;
Expert: Dr. Majid Karimi, university lecturer;
Story: The Wolf & the Fox, from Persian Folklore stories;
Report: Herbal medicine in Iran.

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This week we continued our discussion with Dr. Sayed Mohsen Fatemi about “Psychology of Love”.
Psychology of love contains different parts some of which covered in the previous part of this program and in this part we tried to find what the power of love is, how the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was the symbol of love and also Imam Sadiq (AS), how we can be part of the circle of love developed by God through prophethood, and so on.
Story: “The Crow & the Peacock”, from Persian folklore stories.

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This week's subject: Answering your Islamic Questions;

Expert: Dr. Mahmoud Karimi, University Professor;

This week's story: The Judge and the Man.

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This week’s subject:  Psychology of Love - Part 1
Expert: Dr. Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi, Professor & Psychologist
This week’s story: The Second Coin  derived from, Persian Folklore Stories
This week’s report: Elderly Empowering Center (HOSNA) Part 2

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