Sunday 20 January 2019
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Ijtihad and Taqlid are issues that can have effects on life of millions of Shiites all around the world. In this show we tackled some questions about this topic in reference to what going on around the world.

Date:2014-06-03 19:02:05 | Visites: 723 | Like: 1

The concept of Imamah as a major idea in Shiite Islam is the topic of this episode. What is Imamah? What is an Imam? And how Imam is chosen? Our expert Dr. Aghamohammadi make resolution about these questions.

Date:2014-05-28 11:53:23 | Visites: 623 | Like: 0

In this show we have had a look at how ahadith around successorship of Imam Ali mentioned in Ahlul Sunnah books have been formed and more important we spoke  about Imamah as it’s the point where Shia and Sunny have some differences.

Date:2014-05-10 18:09:50 | Visites: 825 | Like: 0

In today’s episode we asked our expert if there are so many hadiths discussing the successorship of Imam Ali (AS) why it is that two-third of Muslim population has still not accepted the path of Shia Islam?

Date:2014-05-04 10:12:12 | Visites: 774 | Like: 0

In this episode we continued our discussion about Shia school of thought. Misconception regarding Shia Islam and why the path of Shia has become blurred are main topics of this show.

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