Thursday 21 February 2019
Last Update: Tuesday 14 July

In continuous of our previous discussions about equality and discrimination, we devoted this episode to talk more about Racial Discrimination. Our experts are Sheikh Afzal Merali (Qum) and Sheikh Ahmed Haneef (London). 

Date:2014-05-31 13:42:18 | Visites: 762 | Like: 0

This episode is called "The Voice of Human Justice", a Special on the Birth Anniversary of Imam Ali (AS). We are joined by two top religious expert in this show, Dr. Qanbari (Qum) and Hujjatul Islam Bahmanpour (London).

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Following the topic of equality and discrimination discussed in last episodes, we have reached the serious issue of "Gender Discrimination". In this episode we invited Hujjatul Islam Jahaangiri and Sheikh Ahmed Haneef to discuss this important subject.

Date:2014-05-06 19:42:43 | Visites: 1209 | Like: 2

In this show we continued previous talks around religious discrimination concerning different aspects of equality and discrimination in societies.

Date:2014-05-03 00:36:53 | Visites: 766 | Like: 0

Religion doesn’t discriminate and freedom of religion doesn’t allow it. But what’s the definition of religious discrimination? Why do people discriminate others based on religion? Is it because of unfamiliarity with other religions or ignorance about other people’s religion?
In this show we tried to find appropriate answers for these questions and more by asking our experts, Sayed Salman Naqavi and Sayed Muhammad Razavi. It also contains video clip and relative interview about the topic.

Date:2014-04-22 19:38:13 | Visites: 602 | Like: 0

Subject: Equality and Discrimination (2)
Guests: Dr. Sayed Salmaan Naqavi (Qum) and Hujjatul Islam Musharaf Huseini (London)

Date:2014-04-15 22:20:48 | Visites: 652 | Like: 0

In this episode of Open Talk we talked about equality and discrimination with our guest Hojjat Al-Islam Sayyid Salman Naqvi.

Date:2014-04-08 17:02:07 | Visites: 931 | Like: 0

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