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The top UN envoy to Myanmar has emphasized on the urgency for the Muslim minority in the country's violence-ridden Rakhine state to get on the path to citizenship.
Here is another interview with Professor Rodney Shakespeare, political commentator, and also chairman, Committee Against Torture in Bahrain about the Myanmar disaster.

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July 03 US warship downed Iran airliner, killed 290, in 1988.
290 people were killed in a US missile cruiser’s attack on an Iranian passenger plane.
Carrying 274 passengers and 16 crew members, the Airbus A-300 (IR655) had just taken off from the southern Iranian coastal city of Bandar Abbas and was climbing inside an internationally recognized route to Dubai when it was targeted by two Standard missiles fired from USS Vincennes.
"Time will not heal the wounds" is the subject of our interview with Dr. Randy Short.

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- Leader urges vigilance against ‘American Islam’ Zionism;
- ISIL spearheading agenda of US Armageddon;
- ISIL militants flee salaheddin en masse, Iraqi army advances;
- ISIL urges Takfiris to join Iraq, Syria war “to build Islamic state”;
- ISIL militants target holy Shiite shrine of Askariyah in Samarra;
- Iran condemns Zionist assault on fasting Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank;
- Israeli Haaretz: half-a-billion US dollars won’t be enough to defeat Syrian Gov.

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In this episode of Insight we conducted an interview with Raya Shokatfard about the holy month of Ramadhan.

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- Western plots to destroy Shia’ism;
- Practical steps to help lower the gaze;
- Remember those who are being persecuted this Ramadhan;
- “Nahj-ul-Balaghah” in Swahili published in Tanzania;
- Educational session at expo to feature Qur’anic Maqams;
- Ramadhan for Muslim converts.

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Girls found hanged after gang-rape 'may have been victims of honor killings'
Images of two young cousins found hanging from a tree after they had been raped caused outrage throughout India but police have now cast suspicion on their families.
In this episode we asked Randy Short to join us and explain more about this awful event.

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Muslims around the world anxiously await the arrival of their most sacred month of the year.
They consider Ramadan an opportunity to flush out the mental, physical and spiritual impurity from their system -thus rejuvenating a better connection with their Creator!
"Skeptic's Excuses Not To Fast Ramadan" by Raya Shokartfard is what we have discussed in this edition of the pogrom.

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Boko Haram “is a CIA-created and funded group,” Short said, adding the group’s “weapons come from Libya. We know that the commander of the so-called Libyan revolutionary forces, Mr. (Khalifa) Hifter was trained by the CIA.”
Boko haram , Osama ben laden, what do they have in common. Our guest Dr. Randy Short Black Autonomy Network Community Organization tells us more about what he believes about his idea.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of ignoring Moscow's security and economic interests in Ukraine. The Kremlin has long expressed concerns that the new Kiev government could take the country into the Western military alliance. Is West ignoring Russia’s interests in Ukraine as Putin puts it ?
In this edition of the program  Ukraine crisis was discussed  with Author, and Radio host Stephen Lendman.

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The Central African Republic is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe as violence forces more and more people to flee their homes and the national economy edges towards collapse. With local food systems breaking down, WFP and its partners are seeing cases of malnutrition multiply.
Fabienne Pompey from world food program in Dakar joined us in this episode of Insight to talk more about C.A.R.

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"America’s Hidden Hunger Crisis!" it's the topic of today's interview.
Hunger is a major problem for nearly 15mln Americans it’s a daily reality.  Around 13mln families are affected most are hardworking ones. They don’t earn enough to live on. How is the US government going to tackle this problem? Our guest Stephen Lendman, author and radio host, answers this question.

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This version of Insight is devoted to our discussion with Raya Shokatfard about Islamophobia in Western cinema and movies.

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