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This version of Spotlight Middle East is about Egypt's election which will have critical impact on region. Our guest was Dr. Dani Ghsoub.

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On April 17th Kiev’s interim government gathered with US, Russia, and European Union reached an agreement in Geneva, calling for all sides to ease the ongoing crisis in Eastern Ukraine. However the crisis continued in Ukraine as the people of Crimea announced their independence from Ukraine and joining to Russia. The latest reports show that the conflict in Ukraine intensified as both Russia and European Union and its allies insist on their policy toward Ukraine. This and a lot more have been discussed in this episode of Spotlight Middle East with Dr. Mohsen Saleh.

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The ongoing crisis in Syria is still among top news. Many actions have been taken in order to help participants to solve the problem but these are fruitless until foreign parties don’t let Syrian people decide about their future. The fragile process in Syria still waiting for a solution which is becoming more and more difficult as time passes. In this episode we spotlight the latest events in Syria with Dr. Ziad Al Hafez, political analyst.

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Opposition sources in Saudi Arabia clarified that the countries Minister in foreign affairs will be removed from his post following the removal of the Saudi spy chief Badnar Bin Soltan. In this episode we talked about how such changes among the monarchies can affect the pattern of Heifa in Syria amid a mere achievement made by the Syrian army in the ground. The host, Farah Atoui, was joined by Dr. Maher Salloum, political analyst.

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On the 11th anniversary of the fall of the Iraqi capital during the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein several bomb blasts occurred across the country leaving hundreds dead. When will the bloodshed end in Iraq and when will end the trial sedition in the country and to what extend is the neighboring country, Syria, affecting Iraq? Who benefits more from tensions in Iraq? These questions are answered in this program in discussion with one of the finest political analysts, Alberto Garcia.

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Egypt is to hold presidential election in May, ten month after the army collapsed the Islamist leader, Mohammad Mursi.
In this version of Middle East we focused on the Egypt’s presidential election. What would be the result and what would this election resolve the situation in Egypt?
This and a lot more have been discussed with our political analyst, Redwan Rizk.

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This episode of the program is about the latest conditions in Turkey. What’s next for Turkey after the latest election? Will Turkey society and politics endure a painful consolidation face over the next year as it is said? What will be reaction of the United States and the European Union over Erdogan’s stances?
Our expert, Dr. Kamel Wazne, answered these questions.

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Syrian army was successful in regaining the control of Yabrud. According to military officials retaking Yabrud will have direct effect on the security in Lebanon. How did the Syrian army take control of Yabrud, and is it true that the conflict between the so-called free Syrian army and their supporters was essential in the operations and which made it a success?
Our guest, General Elias Farhat, explains more about the situation in Qalamun and Yabrud.

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In this episode of Spotlight Middle East we have had the chance to talk with Dr. Maher Salloum, political analyst, around the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC).

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The Syrian army advances in Qalamun, the Syrian foreign-backed opposition’s deals with US officials under the table, and the effect of a neighboring country, Lebanon, have been discussed in this episode of our program with our expert, Dr. Mohsen Saleh.

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After 10 months of political deadlock in Lebanon the 24 members of National Union government have been announced. The new cabinet includes a wide range of political groups. But this formation was not able to stop two suicide car bombs targeted an Iranian cultural center in Beirut last week, killing more than 10 people. The formation of Lebanese government, bombings and terrorist attacks in Lebanon, and a lot more have been covered in this show with our expert, Redwan Rizk.

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The Lebanese government at last has been announced after 10 months. The announcement of formation of the Lebanese government came days after the Lebanese army arrested the Abbas Naeem, the terrorist who is said to be linked to al-Qaeda. The links between those two incidents happening in Lebanon and the formation of the Lebanese government have been discussed in this episode of Spotlight Middle East. Our expert in this program was Dr. Ibrahim Moussawi, political analyst.

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