Sunday 17 February 2019
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Negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition reconvened last Monday as the second round of the Geneva 2 talks began. Last month first round of talks ended inconclusively on January 31 amid sharp differences between representatives from the Syrian government and the so called Syrian National coalition. The second round of Geneva 2 talks, save the Syrians from the bloodshed and the crisis ongoing inside Syria are headlines of this episode of Spotlight Middle East with our political expert, General Hisham Jaber.

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Another explosion hit the Lebanese capital Beirut. Explosions one after another state security chaos and the Lebanese Government is still not formed. On the other hand the Syrian unrest continues and sectarian massacres are being committed. Some foreign and Arab countries still insist in support Jihadists in Syria and Lebanon.
The situation in Lebanon, the way to solve the crisis, and the failure to Geneva 2 talks have been discussed in this episode of program with our expert General Elias Farhat.

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