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Accompanied by one top analyst, Dr. Kamel Wazni, we tried to analyze major topics written in media during last week.

Date:2014-10-05 18:26:22 | Visites: 18704 | Like: 0

“How ISIL became Obama’s enemy?” by Shamus Cooke, “The Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza” by Fidel Castro, and “Washington and Paris fear for Lebanon's stability” by Maysam Rizk are main articles discussed in this episode with our expert Mahdi Fakhreddin, political analyst.

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In this program we analyzed the latest news and information about events in the Middle East especially three articles about Israeli attack to Gaza with presence of Bassam Al Kintar, journalist.

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Weekly Scope broadcast from Sahar TV every Friday takes a look at the week's headlines.
Guest: Intefad Kanbar, political analyst

Date:2014-07-19 19:44:24 | Visites: 17869 | Like: 0

This episode contains our discussion about articles written about ISIL terrorist group. Our expert is Paul Cochrane, political analyst.

Date:2014-07-08 13:41:01 | Visites: 17531 | Like: 0

Today in this episode of weekly scope we have had a closer look at main headlines of news with presence of Dr. Franklin Lamp, political analyst.

Date:2014-07-07 13:53:16 | Visites: 17026 | Like: 0

“Three reasons Lebanon fears ISIS advance”, “Iraq understanding the coup in Mosul and its consequences”, and “All the colors in the Bashar al-Assad’s hands” are headlines of articles alongside main topics of news analyzed in this episode with our expert Omar El-Helwe.

Date:2014-06-24 14:12:27 | Visites: 16838 | Like: 0

Weekly Scope broadcast from Sahar TV every Friday takes a look at the week's headlines.
Expert: Dr. Ibrahim al-Moussawi.

Date:2014-06-22 12:02:57 | Visites: 16661 | Like: 0

Alongside the most important topics about issues in the region, 3 articles on the Syrian situation have been tackled in this episode. Riad Bahsoun, political analyst, joined us to analyze the latest news and also mentioned articles.

Date:2014-06-13 15:48:15 | Visites: 16687 | Like: 0

We have taken a look at reports written by newspapers along the region especially in the Middle East. In this episode our guest Redwan Rizk helps us to analyze these topics.

Date:2014-06-08 11:28:18 | Visites: 16562 | Like: 0

Today we analyzed an article about Iran’s role in the Middle East, another one about Palestine called "from loss of land to loss of identity", and finally the third one about humanity for refugees in Syria. Our expert Jackson Allers helped us in this program.

Date:2014-06-03 18:48:46 | Visites: 16516 | Like: 0

In this episode our guest, Serena Shim, explains more about most important headlines issued in last week.

Date:2014-05-24 16:57:44 | Visites: 16545 | Like: 0

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