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With more than 800 channels, we sometimes find that TV becomes the babysitter while parents are busy with their jobs or other entertainments. In this show we tried to analyze the dangers at the television. We invited Wean Abit, psychologist, and Sekina Chandu, optometrist, to help us find the negative aspects of television on our subconscious.

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In this week we talked with our guests Sekina Chandu, optometrist, and Wean Abit, Psychologist, about emotional effects on women caused by living in non-Islamic societies.

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Divorce & Its Impact on Children
Divorce is disliked by Islam but it’s a reality that exists. When a couple without children divorce, it’s an emotional experience. However when the party does have a child then there is sufficient psychological and emotional problems upon them. Today we looked at these emotional effects that divorce has on children.

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Statistics show that one in four women experience abuse in her life with 750 children having witnessed domestic violence in their lives too. And the bigger question there is what effect does that witnessing have on children. Domestic violence happens across the world and therefore happens irrespectful of beliefs, cultures, and ethnicity. Men are said also affected by this. However it is a crime that is gender based. It’s overwhelmingly found in statistics that it is the crime that happens against women.
In this episode of program Women we discussed more about this topic.

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In this episode of program we talked about “Raising children” and supporting available to both mothers and children and what is out there in terms of resources.

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“The Different aspects to Marriage”

Emphasis on marriage in order to save Iman (faith) has been declared us the importance of marriage in Islamic teachings.
Delaying marriage among today’s generation, and the reason of this issue, obstacles for youth to decide for marriage, supporting newly married couples and so on has been discussed in this version of program Women.

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"Bereavement, dealing with grief and death"

Death is an inevitable part of life. As Imam Ali (AS) says in Nahjulbalaghah, the every breath you take, you become closer to this reality.  Every one deals with bereave in his own way. There is no prescribed way of dealing with it and as a result everyone is in his journey. 
In this episode of program Women my colleagues discussed this subject and tried to make resolution about death.

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