Sunday 17 February 2019
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Last week Iran and G5+1 held the latest round of talks around Iran's peaceful nuclear program inwhich two parties decided to extend negotiations for 7 more months. In this regard we invited two top analysts, Dr. Mohammad Marandi and Dr. Abootalebi, to join us and discuss more about this issue.

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What do you do to feel cheerful? Do you have to go to party to feel happy or watch a funny movie? Happiness is really important in our lives; it helps us keep a balance life. But what makes us actually happy? Where we get that kind of happiness differs in individuals. In this episode we discussed the importance of happiness in Islam and found how it really matters. Our expert, Dr. Mahmoud Karimi, explained more about this important topic. You can also find different interesting parts like book introduction, report, and so on.

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The kid-killer Zionist regime continues to stop UN inspectors from entering Gaza, lets more of Israel's war crimes and crimes against humanity be exposed to the global anti-Zionist community. Here's a report by our correspondet from Gaza.

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George Gordagh, the famous Christian author and poet from Lebanon whose books about Imam Ali (AS) are known worldwide has died at the age of 83.
Here is a report about his life.

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This episode of program is devoted to talk about God-man relationship focusing on the role of Du’a to increase the faith or Iman. Our guest was Sheikh Hojjat Davoodi.

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- Leader: ISIL created by West to split Muslims;
- More lies from Washington;
- Senior cleric slams British PM’s anti-Iran remarks;
- Iraq reiterates Iran’s key role in fighting terrorism;
- A dictionary reference to war on ISIS.

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This part of interpretation of the Holy Qur'an is about the 215th of Surah al-Baqara.

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Accompanied by one top analyst, Dr. Kamel Wazni, we tried to analyze major topics written in media during last week.

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While terror and killing have risen in the region there is no vivid strategy to fight against terrorists. Some Arab countries alongside western allies continue their support while innocent people are being killed in Iraq, Syria, and evev Lebanon. In this episode we have Kevork El Massian, political analyst, to talk about the situation in the Middle East.

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Main topics:

- Imam Mohammad Bagher;
- “Hajj is a great opportunity for Muslims to strengthen solidarity”;
- US is the biggest terrorist in last two centuries;
- Iran hosts Muslims Unity confab in Mecca;
- Gaza unable to rejoice Eid Ul-Adha;
- Muslim countries urged to protest against Hijab ban in sports.

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In this episode we talked about the sixty-ninth UN General Assembly highlights and in order to do so two top analysts, Farshad Geravand and Professor Alireza Aboutalebi, joined us.

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Dealing with parents who are angry or troubled on daily basis can be psychologically exhausting and emotional draining. Majority of parents who have adult children believe it’s easier for them to deal with them but studies show that the older the children are the more they are bothered. In this episode we talked with our experts about this important topic. 

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