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In modern age children are mostly amused by computer games. Instead of engaging in physical activities and physical games, children these days stay at home and spend their time playing with computer games. So we thought it will be a great idea to talk about what actually makes for an excellent game for children and we have taken a look at role models set by religious leaders. You can also enjoy articles, book introduction and another episode of Islamic lifestyle in this show.

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Subject: Turbidity;

Reports: Cartoons exhibition entitled "Gaza in Bloodshed", Calligraphy by Hqamid Ghanbarnejad;

Knowing Iran: Asef Mansion (Kurd House)

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Kerry has been traveling throughout the Middle East over the past 10 days working to build a coalition of nations to fight ISIL. The international summit on the crisis in Iraq was also held later in the week in Paris to gather a coalition for immediate military action against ISIL. The key question however is how sincere that coalition actually is and therefore how effective it can be to uproot the ruthless massacring psychopaths of the ISIL?
In this show we asked Dr. Mohammad Hassan Khani and Dr.  Zafar Bangash join us to discuss the role of US in terrorism in the region.

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In this special version of our show Jeffrey Silverman, Veterans Today Bureau chief in Tbilisi, joined us to discuss the inhuman ISIL terrorists and their supporters.

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“It Be Late Very Soon!”, an interview with Barry Grossman, International Lawyer, about the disastrous situation in Myanmar. 

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In this episode we talked about the important topic of genetic counseling to counter hereditary diseases. Genetic counseling can help us scan gens and prevent anyone that carries diseases. To talk more about this topic we invited Deepanjan Ghosh, genetic engineer, in the studio. As always you can enjoy different parts like book introduction, scientific articles, report, stories, and a lot more.

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In this episode you can get insights about the 214th verse of Surah Al-Baqara. This interpretation from the holy Qur'an is based on Tafseer Noor.

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Subject: Controlling Anger
Reports: 12th international exhibition of Flora and Fauna.
woodwork exhibition by Mahdieh Sadeghi.
Knowing Iran: Tomb of Avicenna.

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- UN: apartheid is flourishing across US;
- US police brutality hints to genocide of blacks;
- Hamas launches rocket barrage deep into Israel;
- Growing political crisis in Pakistan;
- Yemeni Houthi Shias in Sana’a sit-ins ahead of Friday deadline;
- A former British catholic priest accepts Islam after reading the Qur’an.

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This version of Center Stage focuses on a key question: whether an integrated, united Iraq as well as its new prime minister are able to face the enormous and dangerous challenges ahead including defeating the group, which is too extreme even for Al-Qaeda and which is too busy killing and beheading people including Journalists.
In this show we have two top analysts: Dr. Rahmat Haji Mine,  Professor of international relations and politics, and professor Pierre Dortiguier, a renowned French political analyst and professor emeritus of University of Toulouse.

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Main topics:

- Condemnation of genocide in Gaza;
- US: Muslims sue government over being put on terrorist watch list;
- Documentary series to feature life of 40 martyred Qur’an activists;
- Holding Intl. Qur’an contest for students, a constructive move;
- Major British retailer to sell school Hijab.

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The Arab world has the highest level of unemployment in the world. Over 23% in the region verse 60% of the Arab world is under the age of 30. Unemployment and economic tumble down in the Middle East is the issue tackled in this week’s Prime Talk.

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