Tuesday 26 March 2019
Last Update: Tuesday 14 July

In the past few weeks we have seen oppression all over the world from Syria where ISIL terrorist group does it best to kill people to Gaza where Israeli troops follow their Takfiri friends to destroy humanity and even to Myanmar where Muslims are under pressure by extremists.
This week’s show is devoted to the oppressed human from Syria and Gaza to Myanmar and Nigeria.

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- Intl. cartoon competition on Gaza;
- Native Americans stand with Gaza;
- Botanic garden ingrained with plants mentioned in Qur’an;
- Gazrat Zeynab (SA) holy shrine hosts Qur’an contest;
- Kufa university to establish Qur’an teaching center.

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In continuation of our concise commentary on the holy Qur'an we reached the interpretation of verses 212 and 213 from Surah al-Baqara.

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In this show we focused on Iran-IAEA ties in view of Amano’s recent visit to Iran. Our expert, Seyed Davood Salehi, Iran’s Fmr. Ambassador to Spain, joined us to speak more on this issue.

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- Gaza is the front line of the Islamic world at the moment;
- Over 2500 Susa inscriptions translated;
- Yemeni protesters decry Israel war on Gaza;
- Imam Reza’ss (AS) hadiths to be published in Armenia;
- Islamic exhibition at Cambridge University.

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In this version we talked about the importance of consultation to reach the best decision and its role within the family. Scientific articles, book introduction, and Islamic lifestyle are other parts of this show.

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- Syrian rebel commander confesses to receiving medical, military aids from Israel;
- IRGC commander: Enemies using new tactics against Islamic resistance;
- Doctors try to reach Gaza’s traumatized kids;
- Iranian university students, professors ask for global boycott of Israeli goods;
- Israel and ISIL in undeclared alliance: Syrian envoy.

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In this episode our expert explains about interpretation of Surah al-Baqara, verses 210 and 211, based on Tafsir Noor.

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Subject: Kindness
Reports: 24th International Handicrafts Exhibition and interview with Salman Goorangi, managing director of the Association of Artifacts Cooperatives in Fars Province.
Interview with Atefeh Tarrahi Oskoei, master in Islamic Arts, subfield of Art of Wood.
Knowing Iran:  Jameh Mosque of Sanandaj.

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In this program we talked about the concept of Tawassul (intercession) toward which there is different ways of thinking. We’d like to have a fresh and open-minded perspective toward this topic to find that what Tawassul is and how it can influence people’s lives all around the world.

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- Supreme leader categorically dismisses political talks with US;
- Nasrallah: Israel is a cancer and should be removed;
- Iraqi Sunnis take up arms against ISIL radicals;
- ‘US’, a better acronym for ISIL;
- Media hype fails to whitewash Israel crimes: Iran official.

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Subject: Happiness
Reports: The 11th edition of Bismillah International Festival, interview with Fereydon Mardani festival’s secretary and interview with artists in this festival.
Knowing Iran: Sahebqraniyeh Palace in Tehran.

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