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Subject: Forgiveness
The 11th edition of Bismillah International Festival, and interview with festival’s secretary Mohammad Reza Kamarei.
Interview with Javad Yousefzadeh, calligrapher.
Knowing Iran:  Ganj Nameh.
Ganj Nameh is an ancient inscription, 5 km southwest of Hamadan, on the side of Alvand Mountain in Iran

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“How ISIL became Obama’s enemy?” by Shamus Cooke, “The Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza” by Fidel Castro, and “Washington and Paris fear for Lebanon's stability” by Maysam Rizk are main articles discussed in this episode with our expert Mahdi Fakhreddin, political analyst.

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Iraq has been facing important changes to deal with its war situation. The new prime minister has been chosen while ISIL terrorist group continued its offensive on Muslim and also Christian Iraqis.
The latest situation in Iraq has been discussed in this show with our expert, Dr. Mohsen Saleh.

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Today's topic:

- Ex-Zionist military chief admits to Israel’s defeat;
- Israel: A cornered rat;
- Wahhabi Takfiri sheikh teaches how to perform beheading and enjoy the horrific act;
- US, Israel facilitate ISIL advance in Iraq.

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Haider al-Abadi was appointed on Monday as Iraq’s prime minister-designate in an effort to break the political deadlock that has deeply troubled the government while ISIL continues to commit genocide in Iraq. The question that now everybody’s asking is whether Iraq can stop the group, which is too extreme even for Al-Qaeda.
In this program we asked two top experts, Professor Asgarkhani and Qasim al-Hashimi, to ask our questions about the situation in Iraq.

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What are our duties both as Muslims and human beings towards Gazans? This is the subject asked from Raya Shokatfard in this version of interview on Insight.

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The man of Islam is constructive; he builds his environment and himself. His success in building his environment depends on his success in self-making and vice versa. Environmental and spiritual health is the topic tackled in this episode of program with our expert Dr. Ibrahim Al Moussawi.

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Over the past few weeks people around the world has witnessed oppression against Palestinian innocent people by the Zionist regime and also one of the deadliest events of the century by the ISIL terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. While many people held protest against these massacres, many leaders remained silence. To discuss more about this issue we have Shaikh Qasim Muhammadi in the studio and also Sayyid Muhammad Razavi from London.

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Interview with Stephan Lendman about Hollywood’s role on impact on the Palestinian civilians.

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Iranian handicrafts have always been the symbol of artistry and having creative insight. Popular world-wide for its exquisite fennec and all inspiring work, Iranian handicrafts are finding space in foreign markets. Carpets in particular are very popular among overseas consumers and experts believe that if Iran insures to package the products well handicraft goods can become the highest export earner for the country. In this show we talked with Dr. Nazila Daryaie, researcher of Iranian art, about developments in Iranian art and handicrafts.

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In Islamic teachings gossip is a forbidden act as it causes unethical damages to the society. But some psychological studies show that Gossiping can have a positive impact on society by helping encourage co-operation and reform bullies. Dr. Matthew Feinberg, a researcher at Stanford University in the United State who co-wrote the study, said: “Groups that allow their members to gossip sustain co-operation and deter selfishness better than those that don’t.”
“And groups do even better if they can gossip and ostracize untrustworthy members.”
This version of our program is dedicated to the important topic of Gossiping toward which you can find different approaches in contrast with Islamic teachings.

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Babies are the little angels of God on earth. Most married couples would love to have a bundle of joy in their home to bring the more cheer and happiness in their lives. However not every couple is able to have a baby; there might be a lot of troubles on the way of conception. There are many medical treatments for infertile couples but not all these treatments always work. In this episode our expert, Shima Behnammanesh who is a legal advisor to Royan research institute, explains more about Family Law where many problems will be happen to use modern treatment for infertility. Beside our discussion you can also find different parts like article, book introduction, and story in this episode of Pure Home.

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