Thursday 21 February 2019
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In its last inhuman actions, the ISIL terrorist group has invaded the Lebanon and took control of Arsal town. In this episode of program we discussed ISIL’s terrorism in the Middle East with our expert Elias Farhat.

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Israel has committed its third major offensive against densely-populated Gaza strip over the past six years. In order to analyze the reactions of other nations to this assault we invited Dr. Khani and Dr. Adnan Al-Killidar to join us.

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In today’s interview with Randy Short we examined the violence against the Palestinians and compared it to hit crime committed through all centuries against Africa-Americans.

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Israel's military attack on the Gaza strip has caused mass destruction and left a historical death toll. By killing many civilians and remaining many people injured, the Zionist regime used its most advanced military power to stop Palestinians from their rights.
To discuss more about this issue we have invited Dr. Mojtahedzadeh and Dr. Shadjareh to join us in this episode.

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Some critics believe that a religion which has been introduced 14 centuries ago cannot answer today’s human's questions and cannot provide human’s welfare. That’s while we see Muslims are pioneer in science, culture, sport, and any aspects of modern life. In this program we tried to find the best answer for this contrast.

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The Israeli army targeted and destroyed the Gaza strip’s only rehabilitation hospital even though Israeli authorities said they did not believe weapons were inside of the facility.
In this version of Insight we conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor of Veterans Today newsletter, to talk about brutality in Gaza.

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We dedicate this version of program to the most important issue of human rights considering the violations of human rights all over the world the worst of which happening in Gaza. In addition to our discussion on the topic of human rights we have articles, book introduction and also Islamic Lifestyle.

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In this series we are going to talk about Islamic and capitalistic economic systems and ideas of Shaid Sadr in Islamic economy. In the first episode Andrea Costa, researcher of Islamic economy from university of Sao Paulo, joined us to explain about her perception from Islamic economy.

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While ceasefire has made tensions calm in Gaza, it’s fair to say that civilians in the world’s biggest open-air prison have nowhere to go for safety.
In this episode, to talk about the current sorry state of affairs in Gaza, we asked two top analysts, Hamid Golpira and Professor Nader Entessar, to join us.

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Where are the international communities when needed? In this edition of the program we will explore this issue with   Edward C. Corrigan, Barrister & Solicitor.

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What is the importance of long-term goals? Is it essential to plan ahead? This is what we will find in this episode of our discussion.

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As Bonnie Harris who is expert in connective parenting says the key to understanding children lies in the perception that your child's resistance or defiance means your child is having a problem, not being a problem. Your child's behavior is your clue to turn your anger into compassion and your child's resistance to cooperation.
In this episode we talked about the relationship between parents and their children and the way you can improve parent-child relationship.

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