Tuesday 26 March 2019
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In this episode we discussed the significance, blessings, and importance of Eid ul-Fitr for Muslims. You can enjoy watching reports, book introduction, stories, and Islamic lifestyle too.

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Subject: Hijab;
Reports: 22nd international holy Qur'an exhibition; and " A Review of the Iranian Contemporary Art" by Iraj Eskandari and Kazem Chalipa;
Knowing Iran: Golestan Palace (Hall of Mirrors, Greetings hall)

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In another episode of our program about Islamic Lifestyle we discussed how implementing different aspects of Islamic lifestyle can improve people’s life.

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How organize our time is the subject discussed in this episode of Prime Talk with our expert.

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Subject: Martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS);
Reports: 22nd international holy Qru'an exhibition, Calligraphy by Mojtaba Zamani;
Knowing Iran: Goharshad mosque, Mashhad.

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Modesty is an innate psychological barrier which protects youngsters as their personalities are developing. This is the definition given by a Jewish writer published in her book: “A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue”. As you can see the modesty is an important topic in terms it gives security to people to live fairly in the society. In this episode of program we focused on this important issue which is needed to be discussed more in modern society.

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Main Topics:

- Amnesty calls for arms embargo on Israel for ending Gaza attacks;
- What are the inner dimensions of fasting?
- Eight Israeli products to boycott;
- Al-Azhar scholars call for intl. intervention to end Zionist aggressions;
- Qur’an study center for blind opened in Tatarstan;
- Israeli attack on Gaza protested around the world.

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In this program we talked about the value of Laylatul Qadr (the night of decree). This is the night in which the holy Qur’an was revealed by God to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and God in the Qur’an says the value of night of Qadr is better and much more than a thousand months. In this episode we tried to find what exactly the night of Qadr is, what’s the significant of Laylatul Qadr, and what are deeds, prayers and supplications on this night. Moreover you can find news bites, Ramadhan book introduction, and also the third episode of Islamic lifestyle about the importance of knowledge.

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- UN says Israel Gaza raids alarming;
- UN must urgently investigate Israeli war crimes;
- Iran nuclear talks extended for 4 months;
- Former ISIL mufti regrets his support for terrorism;
- HRW warns of ISIL killing of Iraq’s religious minorities;
- US military taught officers: use Hiroshima tactics for total war on Islam.

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In this episode we tackled the importance of discussion about concept of lifestyle and how it’s possible to standardize the way we live.

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Today's headlines:

- When did the night of Qadr start?
- Wake up Israel crimes, Iran cleric tells Muslims;
- Muslims world female MPs ask intl. bodies to support Gazan, Iraqi, Syrian people;
- Thousands pro-Gaza protesters: “BBC, shame on you”;
- Supreme leader: Reality is domineering powers support all sorts of evil.

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In this program we analyzed the latest news and information about events in the Middle East especially three articles about Israeli attack to Gaza with presence of Bassam Al Kintar, journalist.

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