Thursday 21 February 2019
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Israel continues its offensive in the besieged Gaza strip killing nearly 190 people. People around the world have participated in protests to condemn the inhuman assaults by the Zionist Regime. In this episode we asked our expert, Dr. Mohsen Saleh, to analyze different aspects of Israel’s attack to Gaza.

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- Gaza tragedies should awaken Islamic nations, governments;
- Iranians stage rallies in support of defenseless Palestinians;
- Witness to an international crime: Israeli state terrorism in Gaza;
- Hamas will continue attacks on Israel;
- Laylatul Qadr, the night of power.

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The Israeli military’s airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip still go on. Over two hundred Palestinians have been killed and more than one thousand five hundred injured since July the eighth. Palestinians are responding by firing a barrage of rockets into Israel. In this episode we’ll be getting insights from our two top guests, Dr. Rahmat Haji Mine and Dr. Ahmad Al-Hashimi.

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"Out from Darkness into the Light", this is the topic of the interview with Raya Shokatfard about the holy moth of Ramadhan.

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This is the second episode of Prime Talk about the topic of music.

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Millions have been displaced, thousands have been killed, and there seems to be no end inside. This is the extremism that has shown itself in the face of ISIL and takfiri groups. Today we continued the last talk about Extreme Extremism with our experts Dr. Davoodi and Shaikh Ahmed Haneef.

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The Iranian capital has been playing host to 22nd International Holy Qur'an Exhibition which was inaugurated in the last week of June.
The massive public participation comes as no surprise since we Muslims consider the Holy Qur'an as the path to salvation for all. The God Almighty has shown us His Grace by revealing such a Holy Book.
In this episode our expert, Dr. Seyed Hassan Esmati, explains more about this event.

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Human is a social creature and so it’s clear that living with friends is one important aspect of life. But as time goes on and more facilities add to life everything changes and friendship is no exception. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks have affected the way people engage their friend. That’s why we devoted this version of our program to this important issue.

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The top UN envoy to Myanmar has emphasized on the urgency for the Muslim minority in the country's violence-ridden Rakhine state to get on the path to citizenship.
Here is another interview with Professor Rodney Shakespeare, political commentator, and also chairman, Committee Against Torture in Bahrain about the Myanmar disaster.

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In this episode we talked in more detailed with our expert, Dr. Mohsen Reza Haydari, about health benefits of fasting. Informative articles, story, report, and book introduction are other parts of this episode of program.

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In this episode we continued our discussion about the compatibility of Islamic lifestyle with western societies and misconceptions regarding Islamic lifestyle in the current world with our expert Dr. Shojaiepour.

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Weekly Scope broadcast from Sahar TV every Friday takes a look at the week's headlines.
Guest: Intefad Kanbar, political analyst

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