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ISIL Attacks on Three Continents: Political Spin and Deception

Those who still believe that the three attacks carried out recently by ISIL in France, Tunisia and Kuwait have had something to do with the terrorist group’s considerable reach, are simply being used to advance the United States’ supremacist agenda.


The first Friday of Ramadan was a bloody one indeed, with three major attacks on three continents: A bombing claimed by an ISIL affiliate on a Shia mosque in Kuwait killed 27, then 39 more were killed in a strike by apparent ISIL gunmen at a Tunisia resort. Another attack, in Paris, left one man dead.

True, these attacks were tragic. Yet the body of evidence and the ever-growing number of facts that the American-European-Israeli intelligence agencies and many other extras are now using it as a tool for political “spin” and “deception” to distract Europe’s attention from America’s spying scandal in France are equally overwhelming.

The attacks should be seen as a criminal deception because the subsequent media campaign in the form of “forget about the scandal of US spying on French presidents and government officials” is suspicious and overwhelming. What’s being said and analysed by the mass media in the West is simply designed to rebuild “trust” and “understanding” about America AND its right to snoop on European allies under the pretext of “stopping another major terrorist attack” on the Old Continent.

And this is not about a small, tightly networked group of misinformation experts guiding an effort that reaches millions of Europeans through effective advocates, media campaigns and grassroots organizing. This is about “Fear Inc.” and its vast right-wing European-American networks that are behind the new round of “war on terror” and Islamophobia campaign.

Seen in its proper context, it’s the same manifesto that is currently being laid out across the European continent amid the new spying scandal. It’s also the same rationale that says:

- The US and Europe are under terrorist attack
- Homegrown terrorists are beheading Westerners
- We must save Christian Europe from Muslim takeover
- We must attack Syria and Iraq with “ISIL” concept to produce true peace
- The attacks are about ISIL’s growing capability the world over
- Ramadan is a popular time for Islamists to launch attacks on Westerners
- The NSA spying program is for Europe’s security and the US means well…

All this is cute, but no one in his right mind should ever buy any of it. Clearly, Barack Obama has gone from being a peace candidate to a war president. He is now pursuing an open-ended war against the Muslim world under the pretext of war on terror; expanding the CIA spying program and an empire of military bases across the globe; prosecuting an expanded counter-terrorism campaign from Central Asia to North Africa; overseeing a new Cold War with Russia; and pivoting toward what could soon become one with China in East Asia.

All the same, the NSA’s inflammatory moves, political spins, and deceptions in Europe are here to stay, so is the confrontational sort favored by Washington’s warmongers the world over. Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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