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Afghanistan guesthouse siege ends, attackers killed

A guesthouse siege in the Afghan capital city of Kabul has come to an end as gunmen responsible are killed, officials say.  


The three assailants responsible for the attack have been killed by security forces, said Kabul Crime Investigation Department Chief Farid Afzali on Wednesday.


During the five-hour siege, dozens of hostages were rescued, at least three of whom sustained injuries, he added.

According to US Embassy spokeswoman Monica L Cummings, a US national was killed during the attack.

"We can confirm reports that a US citizen was killed in the attack on a guesthouse in Kabul," Cummings told AFP.

"Our thoughts are with the families of the victims at this time. Out of respect for the families of those killed, we have no further information at this time."

AFP quoted India's ambassador to Kabul Amar Sinha as saying that there were also "a few Indian casualties" in the attack.

Earlier, Sinha said that his embassy was in contact with a few Indian nationals who were in the guest house.

According to one of the Indians, who had barricaded himself in one of the hotel rooms when the shootout began, five blood-covered bodies could be seen near the entrance of the hotel after the siege had ended.

The developments came a month after Taliban militants started their annual spring offensive against Afghan security forces and the US-led foreign troops across the war-torn country.

In a similar incident in southern Afghanistan on May 6, gunmen attacked a government compound in Helmand province, leaving 10 people dead.

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