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Iran, Turkey calligraphers meet in Istanbul

Iran’s Consulate in Istanbul has hosted a meeting of Iranian and Turkish calligraphy maestros in line with expansion of cultural cooperation between the two countries.

A number of Iranian and Turkish calligraphy maestros took part in the cultural gala that was held on December 19.

To promote interactions among the Iranian and Turkish calligraphers as well as Islamic calligraphy art, the participants proposed to launch the Islamic World Calligraphers Association.

A workshop of Nastaliq calligraphy style was recently held in the Persian-language education center in Istanbul. The event received a warm welcome by the center’s Turkish students.

Considered one of the highest Islamic art forms, calligraphy became an indispensable part of Persian society in the beginning of the Islamic era. It was not only practiced by professional artists but also by the royalty and nobility.

Six basic popular calligraphy styles are referred to as Naskh, Thuluth, Muhaqqaq, Rihani, Tauqi, and Riqa.

Nastaliq and Cursive Nastaliq are known as the most attractive Persian calligraphy styles, broadly used in copying Arabic words, romantic and epic Persian poetry and literary manuscripts.

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