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Objection with Israel’s supporting the cultural festival of Saint Paulo in Brazil

The Zionist Regime’s supporting the cultural festival in Saint Paulo in Brazil had faced the objection of the Palestinians and the Lebanese.

The Palestinians and the Lebanese artists posed a threat that they would sanction the festival in the 31st festival of Saint Paulo.

The above-mentioned artists intended to omit some phrases that have been stated by Israel council in the catalogues, panels, and the website of the festival. These groups also would like the 90.000 Rials that was paid by Israeli council in support of the festival to be given back.

In Israel council website, which was hyperlinked through the festival website, it reads that the fake regime has embarked on defensive actions against the cruel actions of Hamas.

A Palestinian artist stated that they aim at applying arts in order to pretend that they are right to kill others in Gaza.

A Lebanese artist has mentioned that he/she is attempting at running some actions to condemn the acts through the authorities of Lebanon Embassy in Brazil. 

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