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Parvin E’tesami film festival 2014 to be held in Tehran

Iran is preparing to hold the eighth National and fourth International Parvin E'tesami Film Festival in the country’s capital of Tehran.


Named after Iran's prominent 20th century poetess, Parvin E'tesami festival is held in both National and International categories.


The entries will compete in short film and feature film sections, the executive director of the festival, Farnaz Qeisaripour announced.


The organizers of this year’s event  plan to select a woman filmmaker as the best Iranian female director of the past two years.

The annual event has hosted more than 800 female filmmakers along with cultural activists so far and presented 1100 films.

Organized by the Iranian Supporting House for Artist Women, the event presents competing films in Iranian Cinema and International Competition sections.

The Iranian Cinema section is comprised of subcategories such as Golden Lotus, Silver Lotus, New Vision and The Parvin E'tesami section.

Parvin E'tesami published her first poetry collection of 156 poems in 1935. She composed her first poem in the classical style when she was only eight years old.

Her poems focus on themes of social awareness and the human aspect of life.

This year’s festival will take place from September 13 to 19 in Tehran, in an attempt to support Iranian women artists.

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