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Spain to host the first International Islamic Tourism

Spain to Host the First International Islamic Tourism

The first international Islamic tourism (Licit Tourism) would be held on the 22nd and 23rd of Sep. in Andalus, Spain.

According to ISNA, Andalus would host the first international Islamic tourism (Licit Tourism) on the 22nd and 23rd of Sep. It would be the first international conference, dealing with the topic of licit tourism of the Islamic countries in a scientific way.

Through a statement, the center of holding the conference stated: Along with the experts from the global tourism organization who work as the supervisor of the conference, there are several experts of tourism from Arabic and Islamic countries. These people would eventually analyze the suggestions and results coming out of the two-day-conference, and would prepare them to be submitted to the executive council of the global tourism organization.

As reads in the statement, Islamic tourism or licit tourism is among the nice potentials of tourism industry, which has been neglected by hotels and tourism centers. Most of the hotels and the tourism centers of different countries haven’t been able to attract Muslim tourists of various countries, since they serve alcoholic drinks and improper foods, mixed pools for both men and women, gambling halls, and discos.

According to News Traveler, with regards to the high amount of income of the hotels and the centers that present licit products from 2013 (about 140 billion dollars), predicted that the price would increase for 5-10% till the end of 2014.

In the statement, regarding the fact that licit tourism is currently among the fastest industries of the world in terms of development and profitability, it reads that currently, the industry has formed all the touristic travels. It is predicted that the profit volume of it till 2020 would reach 192.

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