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Tehran dismisses Manama claim on 'terror group'

Iran has rejected a recent claim by Bahrain that it has busted a terrorist cell with links to some groups in Iran.


Speaking at her weekly press conference on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said that the allegation is part of a blame game.


Afkham stressed that a "security approaches" will fail to put an end to the tension in the Persian Gulf monarchy and said peaceful solutions that could pave the way for the participation of all sides in the country's political process are the key to settling the conflict in Bahrain. 


On Sunday, Bahrain's Interior Ministry claimed that it had smashed a major terrorist cell with links to 'outlawed groups' in Iran.


It further claimed that two senior members of the group were still at large in Iran, saying that they had recruited a number of Bahrainis for terrorist operations in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom.Bahrain has been the scene of anti-government protests since 2011, during which scores of Bahraini people have been killed and thousands more injured.

Many protesters have also been taken into custody.


War-torn Yemen’s situation


Afkham expressed regret over the worsening situation in war-ravaged Yemen, which has been under Saudi air strikes since March 26 without a UN mandate.


The Iranian official also criticized Riyadh for “sabotaging” efforts aimed at delivering humanitarian aid, including foodstuff and medication, to the impoverished Arab country, saying Saudi Arabia has been “poorly cooperating” in that regard.


She also expressed optimism that the conflict in Yemen would be settled through intra-Yemeni talks without any preconditions. 

Iran favors a political approach to ease tension in Yemen, Afkham said, adding that while the Islamic Republic supports Yemeni talks it does not interfere in the country’s domestic affairs.


Suffering from the consequences of the Saudi military aggression for more than two months, Yemen is now facing a crisis as the Riyadh air raids are destroying the impoverished Arab country’s infrastructure and leaving thousands of Yemenis without food, water and basic needs.


Meanwhile, the UN is set to host stalled peace talks in the Swiss city of Geneva next week to discuss solutions to the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

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