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Tehran gallery to celebrate 80th birthday of master miniaturist Amir-Hushang Jazizadeh

The 80th birthday of master miniaturist and Persian carpet designer Amir-Hushang Jazizadeh will be celebrated at Tehran’s Shokuh Gallery on Friday.

The gallery will also honor Jazizadeh by holding an exhibition of his works, which will open at the same time, the gallery announced on Monday.

Jazizadeh who is from Isfahan and has been living there will be displaying about 20 of his paintings, representing over 50 years of his artistic endeavors, at the gallery, the gallery announced in a press release on Monday.

Jazizadeh was born in 1933 in Isfahan. He received his degree in fine arts in Isfahan and continued his studies in England where he studied design and ceramic arts. He then returned to his country and has been working on Persian paintings for years.

He has been teaching art for over 40 years and was the founder of the Academy of Visual Arts in Meibod, Yazd.

The master has held several exhibits in Iran and several other countries and his prized paintings are found in England, Belgium, Finland and Turkey.

The Economy and Art Advisor of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Morteza Kazemi has praised the artistic status of the master and his specific attention to tradition in his paintings in a text published on the brochure of the exhibit.

The exhibit will be running until October 29 at the gallery located at 19 Amir Nuri Alley, North Salimi St., and Andarzgu Blvd.

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