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Though in hospital, Kerry has been ‘fully engaged’ in Iran talks

US Secretary of State John Kerry, a top negotiator in nuclear talks with Iran, has been released from a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, following a surgery on a broken leg he sustained while cycling near Geneva.


On Friday, Kerry said he was "absolutely, totally, and fully engaged" in the ongoing nuclear negotiations between Tehran and the six global powers – the US, Russia, Britain, France, China, and Germany, the Associated Press reported.


Upon being discharged from Massachusetts General Hospital, Kerry said he would stay in his nearby Boston home for a few days before travelling to Washington, DC.


He further voiced confidence that a comprehensive deal with Tehran could emerge by the end of June, when a self-imposed deadline would take effect.


 "Our team is in Vienna right now working out very complex ... details of this agreement," Kerry said. "It's a tough slog. It's not easy."


The US secretary of state added that he would join the talks later this month as the critical moment approaches.

Kerry underwent a four-hour operation on June 2 after his accident on a regular Tour de France route southeast of Geneva.

"He is ambulating independently on crutches and working hard with physical therapy toward a full recovery, which we anticipate will occur in several months' time," said Dr. Dennis Burke, an orthopedic surgeon,

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest said "The truth is he probably benefited from a little rest when he was in the hospital."

Born in Aurora, Colorado, the 71-year-old is said to be a passionate cyclist, who takes his bike with him on overseas trips.

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