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URGENT: Iran may stop sending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia after teenagers’ sexual abuse

According to a bill presented by Foreign Policy and National Security Committee of Iranian parliament, sending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia may be terminated.

Based on the bill that signed by 80 members of parliament, Umrah rituals will be suspended until the Saudi officials guarantee the security of Iranian pilgrims and stop their harassments.

In an interview with Fars News Agency, Seyyed Hossein Naqvi Hosseini, spokesman for the Foreign Policy and National Security Committee of Iranian parliament said: Recently, Saudis’ audacity and arrogance towards Iranian Umrah pilgrims in Mecca and Medina has increased and a week before two Iranian teenagers were sexually abused by Saudi police in Jeddah Airport.

He added: So, MPs are in favor of a bill that terminates Umrah until the Saudis safeguard Iranian pilgrims and respect their honor and dignity.

In other action, 18 members of Iranian parliament sent a letter to President Hassan Rouhani to condemn the harassment and ask for punishment of those Saudis who abused two Iranian teenagers.

Another member of Foreign Policy and National Security Committee of Iranian parliament Mohammad Saleh Jokar, insisted that the government never withdraw on this matter and should take back Iranian credibility. In his interview with ISNA he asked for firm stance of Iranian Government on this matter.


Yesterday, Iran voiced protest to Saudi Arabia over the sexual harassment of two Iranian teenage boys by the Saudi police.


Foreign Ministry Reaction

Foreign Ministry Deputy for Consular and Iranian Expatriate Affairs Hassan Qashqavi said Iran has submitted a letter to the Saudi charge d’affaires in Tehran over the incident.


Explaining the incident, he told reporters on Tuesday that according to the Iranian head consul in Jeddah, the two teenagers were asked by two Saudi police officers for more body inspections when they were leaving a Saudi airport.


Noticing that the inspection had taken longer than usual, their fellow passengers took notice that the two teenage boys had been sexually harassed, Qashqavi said.


The Iranian consular officials lodged a complaint file and informed the police chief of the airport of the incident, he noted.


He added that the Saudi police summoned all its officers on duty in the airport and then asked the two teenage boys to identify the ones who did the crime. But nobody punished for this offensive crime.

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