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With US spreading its ‘tentacles’ in Asia, more wars may come

As the United States military gets ready to hold a military exercise in Thailand, a senior columnist at Veterans Today says there is a “cold war” going on due to Washington’s moves in the region.


“We have the cold war going on there,” Jim W. Dean told Press TV in a Sunday phone interview.


On Thursday, senior State Department official Scot Marciel told a congressional hearing that the annual Cobra Gold drill would be held next year in Thailand, where the post-coup interim government is in tatters yet expected to restore democracy.

Marciel said the move was important to the US, therefore, the decision to prepare for the 2016 drill was made by the administration of President Barack Obama, who placed focus on the region by his “Pivot to East Asia” strategy, announced in 2012.

“As the Pope said a while back when he was in Bosnia, we have a new type of war going on beneath the surface and bubbling up all over,” Dean said.

There is “no reason” for US to embark on such a military move in the region, particularly given that the Thai army is “quite capable of defending themselves”, Dean said.

    “This is America wanting to once again put its tentacles in all of these countries.”

The US aims to stay in contact with the countries’ military forces for intelligence and government change though top generals, he added.

The US and its allies are threatening China under President Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’.
A Chinese navy's warship is seen in the Yellow Sea of the Pacific Ocean on April 26, 2012. (Xinhua)

Washington is trying to expand its foothold in Asia by implementing its new foreign policy doctrine, known as The Asia Pivot, which is defined as a shift in American foreign policy from a Middle Eastern/European focus to an East/South Asian one.

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