Pure Home RSS Feeds SAHAR ENGLISH SERVICE en website Logo http://english.sahartv.ir/images/logo_rss.gif Pure Home- Happiness in Islam2014-11-27 20:53:12http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1465 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Happiness in Islam" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_195774242454775d2b0e687_23-11.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1465" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> What do you do to feel cheerful? Do you have to go to party to feel happy or watch a funny movie? Happiness is really important in our lives; it helps us keep a balance life. But what makes us actually happy? Where we get that kind of happiness differs in individuals. In this episode we discussed the importance of happiness in Islam and found how it really matters. Our expert, Dr. Mahmoud Karimi, explained more about this important topic. You can also find different interesting parts like book introduction, report, and so on.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Children's Upbringing According to Islam2014-09-28 09:35:33http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1454 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Children's Upbringing According to Islam" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_18171898865427a4ab8e250_31-08.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1454" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In modern age children are mostly amused by computer games. Instead of engaging in physical activities and physical games, children these days stay at home and spend their time playing with computer games. So we thought it will be a great idea to talk about what actually makes for an excellent game for children and we have taken a look at role models set by religious leaders. You can also enjoy articles, book introduction and another episode of Islamic lifestyle in this show.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Genetic Counseling2014-09-07 19:23:35http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1449 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Genetic Counseling" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_926839157540c70ebc7314_24-08.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1449" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this episode we talked about the important topic of genetic counseling to counter hereditary diseases. Genetic counseling can help us scan gens and prevent anyone that carries diseases. To talk more about this topic we invited Deepanjan Ghosh, genetic engineer, in the studio. As always you can enjoy different parts like book introduction, scientific articles, report, stories, and a lot more.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Consultation2014-08-22 13:00:04http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1437 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Consultation" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_85586809753f6ff1c3fcb8_Pure--17-08.jpg" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1437" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this version we talked about the importance of consultation to reach the best decision and its role within the family. Scientific articles, book introduction, and Islamic lifestyle are other parts of this show.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Family Law2014-08-17 01:56:17http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1419 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Family Law" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_190293280453efcbfed7c4d_Pure--10-08.jpg" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1419" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> Babies are the little angels of God on earth. Most married couples would love to have a bundle of joy in their home to bring the more cheer and happiness in their lives. However not every couple is able to have a baby; there might be a lot of troubles on the way of conception. There are many medical treatments for infertile couples but not all these treatments always work. In this episode our expert, Shima Behnammanesh who is a legal advisor to Royan research institute, explains more about Family Law where many problems will be happen to use modern treatment for infertility. Beside our discussion you can also find different parts like article, book introduction, and story in this episode of Pure Home.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Islamic Human Rights & Human Dignity2014-08-16 02:12:40http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1412 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Islamic Human Rights & Human Dignity" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_69137053653ee7e7d471ec_Pure--03-08.jpg" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1412" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> We dedicate this version of program to the most important issue of human rights considering the violations of human rights all over the world the worst of which happening in Gaza. In addition to our discussion on the topic of human rights we have articles, book introduction and also Islamic Lifestyle.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Eid ul-Fitr2014-08-16 01:18:14http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1406 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Eid ul-Fitr" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_120791681953ee71c454441_27-07.jpg" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1406" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this episode we discussed the significance, blessings, and importance of Eid ul-Fitr for Muslims. You can enjoy watching reports, book introduction, stories, and Islamic lifestyle too.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- The Night of Qadr2014-07-22 06:43:47http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1399 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- The Night of Qadr" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_10945046753cdc83645b17_21--Pure.jpg" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1399" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this program we talked about the value of Laylatul Qadr (the night of decree). This is the night in which the holy Qur&rsquo;an was revealed by God to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and God in the Qur&rsquo;an says the value of night of Qadr is better and much more than a thousand months. In this episode we tried to find what exactly the night of Qadr is, what&rsquo;s the significant of Laylatul Qadr, and what are deeds, prayers and supplications on this night. Moreover you can find news bites, Ramadhan book introduction, and also the third episode of Islamic lifestyle about the importance of knowledge.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Fasting & Health2014-07-19 19:49:27http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1385 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Fasting & Health" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_55341057553ca8c06d3e5a_13-07.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1385" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this episode we talked in more detailed with our expert, Dr. Mohsen Reza Haydari, about health benefits of fasting. Informative articles, story, report, and book introduction are other parts of this episode of program.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Instilling Religious Values in the Youth2014-07-19 18:56:06http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1375 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Instilling Religious Values in the Youth" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_202159344053ca7faeee892_06-07.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1375" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this version of program we talked about the way we can encourage young people to be good Muslims. As always you can find different parts like articles, book introduction, Islamic Lifestyle, and much more in this program.&nbsp;</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Blessed Month of Ramadhan2014-07-07 14:26:41http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1362 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Blessed Month of Ramadhan" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_137520969553ba6e8a8a58a_29-06.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1362" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this show we talked about Ramadhan specifically what does fasting mean to us and what its benefits are for our body and mind. Book introduction, report, and reading your emails are other parts of our program.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Drug Addiction and its Treatment2014-06-24 14:29:12http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1347 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Drug Addiction and its Treatment" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_46520956553a94b878a0d7_22-06.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1347" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this program we talk about the manic of addiction and ways of treating and fighting this problem. Our expert is Dr. Hamed Ekhtiari who is a cognitive neuroscientist.&nbsp; We also have the third part of Islamic Lifestyle on the importance of deliberation and also we have book introduction.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- The Importance of Consultation2014-06-22 12:33:48http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1331 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- The Importance of Consultation" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_207210274953a68d4a55518_15-06.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1331" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this episode we will talk about consultation and why it&rsquo;s important in our daily lives and the major role it can play for us. We&rsquo;ll also discuss the importance of consultation according to Islam with our expert, Dr. Sayyed Nasrollah Ebrahimi. As always, in addition to our discussion we have different interesting parts you will enjoy.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Answering Viewers' Questions2014-06-13 17:03:59http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1316 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Answering Viewers' Questions" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_1548466960539aeef1b3126_Pure-08-06.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1316" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> Today we&rsquo;ll be answering your questions regarding some religious issues such as prayers, ablutions, foods and other topics. Today we&rsquo;ll also have the second episode of Islamic lifestyle about the importance of deliberation with Dt. Sekaleshfar.<br /> In addition to that, you&rsquo;ll be hearing articles, book introduction, and your emails.<br /> Our guest today is Dt. Mahmood Karimi, a professor of theology at Imam Sadiq university.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Perfect Role Models for Muslims2014-06-08 11:52:40http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1300 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Perfect Role Models for Muslims" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_24313927753940ed753681_01-06.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1300" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this edition we talked about our infallible Imams and how we as Muslims can follow their footsteps to have a better life. Newsbite, book introduction, story, and report are other different parts of this show with presence of Dr. Mohammad Asadi Movahhed, university lecturer.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Intl. Qur'an Competition2014-06-07 12:28:40http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1284 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Intl. Qur'an Competition" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_14118891485392c62d1b871_25-05.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1284" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this episode of Pure Home we talked about the Intl. Qur&rsquo;an Competitions held in Tehran and also the impacts of the holy Qur&rsquo;an on lives of Muslims. We invited Dr. Davood Ramezani Takallomi who is member of the Intl. Qur&rsquo;an competitions committee. As always we have articles, book introduction and reports. In addition we have started a new section about Islamic Lifestyle in which today the expert speaks about the importance of deliberation.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Learning in Children2014-05-31 12:54:12http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1269 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Learning in Children" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_4218551935389908e9c9aa_18-05.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1269" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This version of program has given children the center stage. We see how their brain works, how they learn and also discuss some tips to deal with them as parents. Reports, stories and video clip are different parts of this program alongside our discussion with Dr. Mohsen Reza Hyderi, university professor, about children.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Imam Ali’s (AS) Personality2014-05-14 09:41:20http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1254 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Imam Ali’s (AS) Personality" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_1593214415372fa73cc473_11052.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1254" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This episode of Pure Home is dedicated to talk about the life of Imam Ali (AS), the first Shiite Imam, the command of faithful as he was called and see how can we incorporate his teachings in our lives these days. Further we have articles, video clips and other interesting parts in this show. Our guest is Prof. Hamid Jamshidi Rad, dean of applied science university.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Muslim Women's Hijab at Workplace2014-05-04 14:32:14http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1235 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Muslim Women's Hijab at Workplace" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_41245167853660fea5facb_04-05.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1235" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> Today&#39;s show is called &quot;Muslim Women&#39;s Hijab at Workplace&quot;. We asked Dr. Mahnaz Bahaji to explain more about women&#39;s dressing code. From Here and There, reports, and music video are different parts of this program.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Surrogacy and Family2014-04-28 12:10:30http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1217 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Surrogacy and Family" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_1562026042535e054816320_27-04.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1217" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> Infertility is one of the most important problems in the modern world. This has different reasons and also different answers introduced to cure it most of which are based on surgeries. In this show we discussed about &ldquo;Surrogacy and Family&rdquo; with Dr. Reza Samani who is head of department of reproductive health in Royan institute.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Hazrat Fatima (SA), a Symbol for Women2014-04-20 20:03:14http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1202 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Hazrat Fatima (SA), a Symbol for Women" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_17821880245353e7fc6e2e1_20-04.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1202" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this program we reviewed different aspects of Hazrat Zahra&rsquo;s (SA) life and personality as the best symbol for all women. Today we invited Dr. Touran Jamshidian, Islamic scholar and researcher, to explain more about Hazrat Zahra (SA). This show also contains different parts, as always, like report and &ldquo;From Here &amp; There&rdquo;.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- The Impact of Computer Games on Children2014-04-15 22:13:08http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1185 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- The Impact of Computer Games on Children" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_2049002821534d6eff42882_Video-Games-13-04.jpg" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1185" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This episode contains the next part of our discussion with Dr. Sayyed Javad Mazloomi about computer games and their impacts on children.<br /> Story: &ldquo;A Drop of Honey&rdquo; from the book &ldquo;Sanbadnameh&rdquo; by Zahiri Samarghandi.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Environmental Conversation in the World2014-04-06 19:32:50http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1170 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Environmental Conversation in the World" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_198716202153416c41bc3d4_06-04.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1170" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> Saving natural resources is one of the most important issues in the modern age. This version of Pure Home is about environmental conversation in the world. We talked with Dr. Esmaeil Kahrom, ecologist and environmental activist, about this subject.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- New Year & Rehabilitation of Self2014-03-30 22:21:48http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1155 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- New Year & Rehabilitation of Self" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_1687717898533859a9826ca_30-03.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1155" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This version of program is the first one in the new Iranian year. As new year comes we all try to make new decisions like losing weight, being a better person, start to work out, making new friends, and so on. But the question is that how much we fulfill these decisions. Or we just made them because we are happy or excited? In this version we talked more about this issue with Dr. Fatemi. Today the history is called &ldquo;The Servant&rsquo;s Shoe&rdquo;.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Nowruz2014-03-17 18:20:19http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1126 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Nowruz" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_94002381153270a931b347_16-03.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1126" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this week&#39;s show we gathered most staffs of Sahar TV and talked with them about the upcoming Nowruz, new Persian year. Our story is also about one of ancient Persian stories about Nowruz, &quot;Uncle Nowruz&quot;.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Nowruz; New Born of Nature2014-03-15 16:00:25http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1119 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Nowruz; New Born of Nature" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_352222078532444d1139ae_Video-Nowruz.jpg" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1119" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> Why do Iranians call the beginning of spring &quot;Nowruz&quot;?!</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Habit Formation2014-03-11 15:51:54http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1105 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Habit Formation" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_134057348531efe21eca63_09-03.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1105" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This program is about the formation of our habits and we tried to find a way to quit bad ones. Our expert was&nbsp;Prof. Hamid Jamshidi Rad. The story of this program was &quot;The Sheep Head&quot; from Persian folklore stories.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Psychology of Expectation2014-03-03 17:30:43http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1090 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Psychology of Expectation" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_14761757205314895a4e2b6_02-03.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1090" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this show we talked about expectation as a part of human&#39;s behavior. So we asked Dr. Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi to explain us about expectation in a psychological perspective. Further our story is called &quot;The Servant&rsquo;s Shoe&quot;, from Persian Folklore stories. Our report is about an exhibition of Moarragh art.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Computer Games & Children2014-02-25 22:06:01http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1071 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Computer Games & Children" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_2023050847530ce256c9a24_23-02.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1071" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> There is an undeniable fact that media has a huge impact on our life. It has an equally significant impact on the raising of our children because we are in a time and age that media have surrounded many aspects of our life. In this episode, we continued our ongoing discussion about media and we have reached the point of computer games and their effects on our children. We asked Dr. Sayyed Javad Mazloomi, Islamic expert, to help us in this subject. Our story is called &ldquo;Three Conditions&rdquo;, from Persian folklore stories, and the report is the second part of our visit to elderly empowering center, Hosna.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Eating Disorders & Obesity2014-02-17 17:41:49http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1056 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Eating Disorders & Obesity" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_2121665986530217fa69647_16-02.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1056" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> Subject: Eating Disorders &amp; Obesity;<br /> Expert: Dr. Hashim Reza, Consultant Psychiatrist;<br /> Report: Elderly Empowering Center (Hosna);<br /> Story: The Basket of Lie, from Persian Folklore Stories.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Women & the Revolution2014-02-10 17:20:17http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1041 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Women & the Revolution" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_92973167052f8d7c0effb0_09-02.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1041" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> In this episode of Pure Home we talked with our guest, Laya Etemad Saeid, cultural activist, about &quot;Women &amp; the Revolution&quot; and the situation of women in Iran after the Islamic Revolution. This week&#39;s story was called &quot;Crazy &amp; Crazier&quot;, from Persian Folklore stories. And finally our report was about the art of the Islamic Revolution.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Qur'anic Family2014-02-04 20:34:13http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1026 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Qur'anic Family" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_16459968152f11cdb84201_02-02.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1026" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject: Qur&rsquo;anic Family;<br /> Expert: Prof. Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher;<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: Herbal Medicine in Iran- Part 2;<br /> Story: The Tail &amp; the Ear, from Persian Folklore Stories.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 26-01-20142014-01-27 16:41:37http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1011 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 26-01-2014" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_50467464152e65a8091af2_26-01.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/1011" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject: <strong>Understanding Cultural Values within Family &amp; Society</strong>;<br /> Expert: <strong>Dr. Majid Karimi</strong>, university lecturer;<br /> Story: The Wolf &amp; the Fox, from Persian Folklore stories;<br /> Report: Herbal medicine in Iran.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- Psychology of Love (Part 2)2014-01-25 15:52:13http://english.sahartv.ir/video/996 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- Psychology of Love (Part 2)" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_114553974752e3abc2df172_19-01.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/996" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week we continued our discussion with Dr. Sayed Mohsen Fatemi about &ldquo;<strong>Psychology of Love</strong>&rdquo;.<br /> Psychology of love contains different parts some of which covered in the previous part of this program and in this part we tried to find what the power of love is, how the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was the symbol of love and also Imam Sadiq (AS), how we can be part of the circle of love developed by God through prophethood, and so on.<br /> Story: &ldquo;The Crow &amp; the Peacock&rdquo;, from Persian folklore stories.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 12-01-20142014-01-13 14:59:45http://english.sahartv.ir/video/981 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 12-01-2014" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_181758341952d3ccc2b9d9d_12-01.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/981" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&#39;s subject: <strong>Answering your Islamic Questions</strong>;</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 05-01-20142014-01-06 14:15:57http://english.sahartv.ir/video/967 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 05-01-2014" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_106270122052ca8847b1f30_05-01-2.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/967" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject:&nbsp; <span style="font-size:14px;"><strong>Psychology of Love</strong></span> - Part 1<br /> Expert: <strong>Dr. Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi</strong>, Professor &amp; Psychologist<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: The Second Coin&nbsp; derived from, Persian Folklore Stories<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: Elderly Empowering Center (HOSNA) Part 2</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 29-12-20132013-12-30 14:25:51http://english.sahartv.ir/video/953 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 29-12-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_194530141652c15047162a8_29-12.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/953" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject:&nbsp; <strong>Prominent Women in History</strong>;<br /> Expert: Mahnaz Bahaji, Islamic Scholar;<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: The Bandit and his Mother, derived from Persian Folklore Stories;<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: Elderly Empowering Center (HOSNA).</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 22-12-20132013-12-22 19:17:40http://english.sahartv.ir/video/936 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 22-12-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_107734753552b7087619716_22-12.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/936" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject:&nbsp; <strong>Upbringing Children according to Islam</strong><br /> Expert: Dr. Sayyed Javad Mazloomi, Islamic Scholar<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: Two Birds&nbsp; derived from, Persian Folklore Stories<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: Unique Hand-Made Ornament</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 15-12-20132013-12-16 11:11:42http://english.sahartv.ir/video/922 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 15-12-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_88744844752aead3b7d7f2_15-12.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/922" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject:&nbsp; <strong>The Role of the Family in Society &amp; the Meaning of Childhood</strong><br /> This week&#39;s expert: <strong>Morteza Karimi</strong>, Sociologist &amp; Researcher<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: The Poor Porter derived from, Persian Folklore Stories<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: <strong>Bonsai Tree</strong></p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 08-12-20132013-12-08 21:55:54http://english.sahartv.ir/video/904 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 08-12-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_161113240552a4b85975000_08-12.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/904" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject:&nbsp; <strong>The Effects of Religion on a Healthy Mind</strong>;<br /> This week&#39;s expert: <strong>Hojjat al- Islam Mohammad Razavi</strong>;<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: <strong>Making Friends with A Snake</strong> derived from, Persian Folklore Stories;<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: Introducing the Journal of Family Research Institute.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 01-12-20132013-12-01 16:47:37http://english.sahartv.ir/video/885 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 01-12-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_1442257899529b353f98065_01-12.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/885" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> Today we continued our previous discussion with <strong>Dr. Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi</strong>, professor and psychologist, about <strong>&quot;The Psychology Attachment and Its Implication for Family Members&quot;</strong>.<br /> This week&rsquo;s story:<strong> &quot;The Liar&rsquo;s Hat&quot;</strong> derived from, Persian Folklore Stories.<br /> This week&rsquo;s report:<strong> Introducing the Journal of &ldquo;Family Research Institute.</strong></p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 24-11-20132013-11-24 19:35:26http://english.sahartv.ir/video/871 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 24-11-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_20085073075292227b49247_24-11.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/871" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject: <strong>The Psychology Attachment and Its Implication for Family Members</strong>.<br /> Expert:&nbsp; <strong>Dr. Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi</strong> (Professor, Psychologist)<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: &quot;<strong>Dreaming Teeth</strong>&quot; derived from, Persian Folklore Stories.<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: <strong>Women&rsquo;s Activities at Home and in Society</strong>.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 17-11-20132013-11-18 10:45:52http://english.sahartv.ir/video/857 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 17-11-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_8632673555289bc6eb9fd9_17-11.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/857" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This version of Pure Home is about the passed anniversary of Ashura talking about&nbsp; &quot;<strong>Hazrat Zeinab (PBUH) and Her Role in Ashura</strong>&quot;. Our expert is <strong>Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammed Al-Musawi</strong>, Leader of Muslim League, London.<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: The Miller and the Flour&nbsp; derived from, Persian Folklore Stories.<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: Mahak Charity Organization (Part Two)</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 10-11-20132013-11-10 21:05:22http://english.sahartv.ir/video/843 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 10-11-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_739755001527fc2850f912_10-11.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/843" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject is &quot;<strong>Upbringing Children according to Islam (Part 20),&nbsp; Lessons from Ashura</strong>&quot; talked with <strong>Dr. Sayyed Javad Mazloomi</strong>, Islamic Scholar.<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: Old Man and the Children&nbsp; derived from, Story of the Righteous Men by Martyr Morteza Motahari.<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: Selected Posters from <strong>the Mournful Festival of Ashura</strong>.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 03-11-20132013-11-03 16:40:42http://english.sahartv.ir/video/829 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 03-11-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_109599707752764a0f04e85_03-11.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/829" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject: <strong>Quranic Family</strong>.<br /> Expert: <strong>Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher</strong>,<strong>&nbsp;</strong>Islamic Scholar<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: The Money &amp; the Well&nbsp; from the Persian folklore stories<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: Mahak Charity Organization ( Part Two)</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 27-10-20132013-10-28 15:57:19http://english.sahartv.ir/video/814 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 27-10-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_791872554526e56aee4c1a_27-10.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/814" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject: <strong>Choosing the Gender of Children</strong>.<br /> Expert: <strong>Reza Omani Samani M.D.</strong>(Head of Department of Epidemiology and Reproductive Health, Royan Institute)<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: Concern of the World from the Persian folklore stories.<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: <strong>Mahak Charity Organization</strong></p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 20-10-20132013-10-20 15:46:58http://english.sahartv.ir/video/798 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 20-10-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_7473844935263c803e672e_20-10.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/798" target="_blank"></a> <p><p style="text-align: justify;"> This week&rsquo;s subject: <strong>The ways of forgiving others</strong><br /> This week&#39;s expert: <strong>Prof. Hamid Jamshidi Rad,&nbsp;</strong><strong>Dean of Applied Sciences University</strong><br /> This week&rsquo;s story: The Coward Hero from the Persian folklore stories<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: <strong>Women Empowering Staff of Tehran Municipality</strong></p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 13-10-20132013-10-19 13:58:56http://english.sahartv.ir/video/787 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 13-10-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_158761899852625e4e2755e_13-10.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/787" target="_blank"></a> <p><p style="text-align: justify;"> This week&rsquo;s subject: <strong>Muslim Women in Modern World</strong><br /> This week&rsquo;s expert: <strong>Dr. Nahid Tavassoli</strong>, women issues researcher<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: <strong>Eat Tice My New Sleeve</strong>, From the <strong>Persian Folklore Stories</strong><br /> This week&rsquo;s report: An interview with Zeinab Tailor (Razavi), Principle of Imam Hadi (PBUH) Madresah, Australia on <strong>the Roles of Muslim Women and Motherhood</strong></p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 06-10-20132013-10-13 11:28:01http://english.sahartv.ir/video/773 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 06-10-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_1899979822525a515e1e58c_06-10.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/773" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&rsquo;s subject: <strong>Panic Disorder</strong>;<br /> This week&rsquo;s expert: <strong>Dr. Hashim Reza</strong>, Consultant Psychiatrist;<br /> This week&rsquo;s story: <strong>The King &amp; the Fish</strong>, from the Persian Folklore Stories;<br /> This week&rsquo;s report: <strong>The Role of Women in the Society by Naziha Saleh</strong>, family researcher from Lebanon.</p></p><br/> <hr /> Pure Home- 29-09-20132013-10-02 13:06:28http://english.sahartv.ir/video/758 <img alt="Pure Home " title="Pure Home- 29-09-2013" src="http://english.sahartv.ir/media/thumbnails/XXL_1238978663524be91108de4_29-09.JPG" border="0" /> <a href="http://english.sahartv.ir/video/758" target="_blank"></a> <p><p> This week&#39;s subject: <strong>Misconceptions about Women in Islam</strong><br /> This week&#39;s expert: <strong>Mahnaz Bahaji</strong>, a researcher in Islamic and other faith studies.<br /> This week&#39;s report:<strong> Intergeneration Comparison between Attitudes of Girls &amp; Women toward Motherhood Roles</strong> by Dr. Amir Rastegar Khaled<br /> This week&#39;s story: <strong>A Thief Near a Wall</strong>, from Mathnavi, by Moulana, great Iranian poet.</p></p><br/> <hr />