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Sisi to the Rescue: The Overt and Covert Complicity in Libya

It was four years ago when the US-NATO interventionists decided to “liberate” and “democratize” Libya.


At the time, the United States, which backed anti-Qaddafi forces (now ISIL affiliates) along with France and the UK, reacted to the fall of the regime with optimism. Not anymore.

Thanks to the rise of “Caliph Ibrahim” and his goons - the ultimate gift that keeps on giving in the bogus war on terror - Qaddafi's beleaguered subjects will never have “an opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic Libya,” as President Barack Obama once suggested in the Rose Garden after the dictator’s awful death in August 2011.

Now even Obama agrees that the North African nation is not a rose garden. It’s a failed state, existing in name only, falling apart fast, politically, financially and economically. The militia hell is effectively divided – just like Iraq and Syria - where numerous terrorist groups, including America’s own creation ISIL, are fighting over the carcass of Tripoli, claiming legitimacy over the country as a whole and even threatening Europe! Who says Western “humanitarian” intervention is bad? 

Enter the beheading video of 21 Egyptian workers. Hardly by accident, the murder of the Egyptians has helped further destabilize the entire region. It’s a gift to Egypt and its President Fattah al-Sisi, who (like Jordan’s paper pilot King Abdullah II) has been quick to launch retaliatory air strikes against ISIL targets in Derna, a city in northeast Libya.

Sisi is reportedly allied with Libya's Dignity militia, which controls the country's east, while Turkey and Qatar support Libya Dawn, the movement that governs the west.

The air campaign, therefore, is helping Sisi and his military regime to re-establish regional position, silence the opposition, and strengthen international prestige. It’s a huge relief for Israel too, because under the pretext of fighting ISIL, Cairo has effectively shut down the Rafah border - the only lifeline to the outside world for the besieged city of Gaza.

Egypt, which didn’t take part directly in the US-led air strikes against ISIL in Iraq and Syria, is now able to improve relations with America and Israel, stiffen resolve in dealing with security threats from militants in Sinai Province who want to topple its US-backed government, and create further insecurity within Libya with international impunity, legitimacy, and empathy.

With Libya caught in a chaotic power struggle among different players, and with Cairo busy buying French fighter jets, naval frigate and military equipment worth over 5 billion euros ($5.7 billion), terrorist groups like ISIL are taking advantage of the turmoil to strengthen their presence.

Altogether, it is easy to prove that Libya would have been better off had NATO and the usual imperial suspects not pushed for regime change in the first place. The bogus “humanitarian” intervention accomplished nothing but empower an endless generation of terrorist armies.

Without question, none of the above could have been remotely possible without regional and international overt/covert complicity. Washington and its minions are pushing Libya towards more turbulence and fighting terrorism is not the real reason.

They are using ISIL as an excuse to justify a potential military occupation of the oil-rich African country with an ultra-sick PR campaign – just like Egypt, which has been seeking to get access to the Libyan resources since its independence in 1951.

In the interim, “Caliph Ibrahim” is bound to remain on the American roll, drenched with innocent blood and with sights set on conquering lands that include large swathes of Middle East and North Africa. No wonder Jordan and Morocco are freaking out! They know they could be next on the no-holds-barred list of ISIL and the Military-Industrial Complex.

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