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The Failure of New Al Jazeera Network in the US

The Failure of the new network of Al Jazeera in the US

Bani Film Online: The new network of Al Jazeera of the US couldn’t attract its audience in the first year of its establishment successfully. According to ISNA, the Al Jazeera Network of the US, which started in August 2013, failed in attracting its audience. This TV network, which is broadcast for over 60 million American families, has had less number of audiences in comparison with Fox News Network, which is available in fewer areas. Moreover, Anglophone International Network that is affiliated with this network and was established in 2006, could not reach its goals, either.

Al Jazeera English Network enjoyed some 15000 audience. This is while Fox News enjoyed 1.600.000 audiences only within the second quarter of 2014, and CNN had 459 ones.

According to Asharq Al-Awsat, although running the network cost five hundred million dollars (i.e. 375 million Euros), its manager had to dismiss 25 employees in the past July, and 100 official and professional ones from the offices in 12 various cities of the US in the past April.

However, Ihab Shahabi attempts at making up for the failure, through adding to the budget and running a novel plan in the coming Fall in order to run a novel news website dubbed Al Jazeera Plus and producing short video clips, which the journalists and the youth would require nowadays.

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