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Torture Report Merely Reintroduces the Ugly American to the World

The release of what is being called “The Torture Report” by the US Senate Intelligence Committee has sparked fierce discussions around the globe. How soon the world forgets that torture has been a common practice by the United States, both on its own people and on peoples of other Nations who American Corporate Interests direct its military might and wrath.


The United States for years has benefited from a Madison Avenue and Hollywood propaganda campaign that has either portrayed America as ‘The Great Arsenal of Democracy” or “a Shining City on a Hill”. In truth that so-called “Arsenal of Democracy” has provided weapons to some of the most heinous regimes in history and have been used for genocide, ethnic cleansing and the toppling of democratic governments and few American citizens can climb the hill in order to reach that so called “Shining City”.


What has been revealed in the “Torture Report” has been the standard practice of American conduct in its plethoric use of military engagements, whether War or “Authorized use of Force”. Likewise torture tactics have been employed by Police within the United States, recent events had shinned a light to the fact that police in America may murder and the fascial American legal system officially sanctions police killings. While some media in the United States have made torture and murder by police into a racial issue, statistics show that police in America employ these tactics without regard to demographic. In reality more white Americans, mostly poor/working poor or homeless and those who suffer from mental illness are “officially” murdered in the United States.


In 2012 the FBI released a Report on Police shootings in the United States. Interestingly, the FBI did not issue Reports in 2013 or 2014.


It is obvious the political class and power elites who really control the political and economic power in the United States have sanctioned ever more brutal tactics in order to prop up a system that is immoral, illegitimate and unsustainable.


This same thinking has long been extended to American foreign policy and its relations with other Nations. The United States for years has provided billions of dollars from its taxpayers to Nations like Israel that brutalize and torture people. In addition to direct monetary assistance, the United States has a long history of providing material and technical support used for the repression of peoples in Nations the United States seeks “strategic relations” with. For example, the US provided the means for torture and repression by the likes of the late Shah of Iran and his Savak, Samosa in Nicaragua, Batista in Cuba, and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Torture has been enshrined as official American policy since the American Civil War.


During that bloodbath, Union troops regularly brutalized the civilian population in the South and continued to do so for twenty years after the war. America emerged as a Global Power after its victory in the Spanish-American War which was instigated by American Corporate interests in order to seize Spanish possessions in the Caribbean and Pacific which saw the Philippines ceded to America. During the American occupation of the Philippines, years of promised independence were never realized as the Nation’s resources were pillaged and Muslims in the Philippines were subjected to torture and near ethnic cleansing. America’s conduct during World War II solidified the American policy of “American Exceptionalism” with its attitudes regarding torture and has been white-washed. Only very recently has there been genuine open discussion of the mass rape of German and Japanese women and girls by US troops and violations of the Geneva Convention regarding treatment of German and Japanese POWs by American soldiers during the US occupation of those Nations. It was in 1945 that the United States developed its creative method which it used to sanction inhuman treatment and torture and is still used today.  American atrocities including execution and torture were employed by yet another generation in Korea and Vietnam, the latter having experienced a frustrated and failed American policy taken out regularly on the civilian population with the My Lai massacre as the most notable example.


American media has engaged in very selective reporting since 1991 when America made the decision to make the Middle East safe for Israel and American Corporations. Beginning with the first Bush Administration in the First Persian Gulf war, American media were able to “embed” with actual frontline troops. This gave these so called journalists access but it also gave them the opportunity to think they were soldiers too, which is precisely what American Administrations since Bush wanted to happen. As a result atrocities committed by America in its two Iraq campaigns and Afghan campaign were often justified rather than reported on.


The use of creative language and terms was initiated by Dwight Eisenhower in 1945 in order to avoid violations of International Law and Rules of Combat. POW’s were unilaterally declared “Disarmed Enemy Combatants”, thus stripping millions of German POW’s the protection afforded them under the Geneva Convention. The use of newly-created terms, i.e. ex post facto law was used and has been used by the United States to develop a culture of inhuman treatment on others while the America demands strict compliance with all Rules of Combat and Conventions by those it picks fights with. America’s policy regarding torture can best be summed up as “do as I say, not as I do”. Since 1991 and America’s crusade like campaigns in the Middle East, it has continued the use of creative language to sanction violations of International Law. Captured Taliban troops have been declared “unlawful combatants” and many captured in 2001 remain in the American Gulag at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba today. Many of these detainees were young teens and who have grown up tortured and treated as a non-person. The American detention of POWs at Guantanamo Bay for a period in excess of 10 years is more excessive than that of Stalin’s Soviet Union which held German POW’s until 1953. In an expansion of its torture policy, America sub-contracted its evil deeds to secret prisons in the former Communist East Bloc. Interestingly, some 20 years after the fall of Reagan’s “Evil Empire”, the American CIA put many former proprietors of Communist prisons back in business as America shipped prisoners to secret Camps in various former Soviet Satellite states who after all had remained in power by use of these methods. American CIA word smiths have even replaced the word torture with, “enhanced interrogation techniques” or “special rendition”.


The United States has even engaged in such a bravado attitude regarding torture that has become unparalleled in history. In years past, American sponsored dictators always denied engaging in torture because these tyrants knew torture was wrong. The United States today openly defends its torture practices. US media such as Fox News dedicates long broadcasts to the defense of torture and the alliance between Madison Avenue, Hollywood and US entities such as the CIA churn out propaganda designed to 1) instill a sense of fear necessity (we must torture or America will be attacked and the shopping malls will close) and 2) subliminal messages of American superiority, known as “American Exceptionalism “combined with an openly anti-Islam agenda designed to make Americans think “those people don’t really matter”. So brash has America become on torture that the American CIA has even let its Agents engage in free agency type of conduct and allow new Agents to make up ever more creative torture tactics, as if the old methods of water-boarding, smashing fingers and denying sleep and basic human dignity are no longer fashionable.


The recent "Torture Report" cites an example of this:

The cast of characters who have lined up to defend America’s culture of torture and decry the release of the Report is not surprising. Former Vice President Cheney, not content to a quiet retirement is the American Pinochet and in a real democracy would be tried for abuse of power, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Even a sitting Supreme Court Justice, Scalia, has defended the practice. Interestingly, every living member of the American Nuremberg Prosecution Team has stated the American policy puts America in conflict with the Judgments handed down at Nuremberg. Stalin’s Lavrentiy Beria would be in good company with many so-called “American Patriots” who deem torture as an American Value, one that has been widely exported around the globe. Yet despite every logical and legal argument that torture is not effective and will place American combat troops in grave danger, a strange coalition of NeoCons, Zionists, and self-described Patriots still demand the “necessity” to engage in heinous acts that every parent or spouse of an American Soldier, Airman, Marine, or Sailor now fear may happen to their loved one. Even CIA Agents have documented their opposition to “torture” or the American translation, “Enhanced Interrogation Technique


In 2004, a CIA Station Chief wrote:

The most shocking aspect of the recent discussion of the use of torture by the United States has been how divided average Americans are on the subject. So successful have the Madison Avenue and Hollywood coalition with the CIA that millions of “Average Americans” find torture acceptable, as long as Muslims are tortured and the Police do not employ such tactics on their loved ones. America, it’s Government and standard of conduct are a direct reflection of its people, their apathy, lack of morality, and most of all the American desired ignorance of the rest of the world and the rest of the world’s people and culture. Millions of Americans are preparing for the Christmas Holiday, a Christian Holiday that is often marked with the adage “Peace and Goodwill toward man”, all the while millions of those who America has deemed unworthy will be tortured, raped, and murdered by various Americans acting under some color of authority. This includes many American citizens. This is the real America and those Americans who engage in torture, those who sanction it, and those who defend it are collectively the “Ugly American”.


By Rodney Martin


For Fars News Agency


Rodney Martin is the Chairman, American Nationalist Association, WWW.ANA-ANN.COM, and a former US Congressional Staffer.

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