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US may betray Iran-P5+1 agreements



As usual, you can’t trust the Americans.  They agree the P5+1 agreement with Iran and then betray it.


Which is not surprising.  Any country like the USA, whose foreign policy is controlled by Zionist Israel, is certain to be a betrayer, certain to be a liar and certain to be an aggressor.


The reason is that it is Zionist policy, and therefore that of the USA, to smash apart every country in the Middle East so that there is no opposition to continual settlements in the lands of others and the expansion of Israel.


Where nuclear betrayals are concerned, we’ve been there before, of course.  In May, 2010 President Obama wrote a letter to President Lula of Brazil.  Those who live only in a world of tweets and Facebook should know that a letter is something written on paper in black and white.


The letter specified American demands on Iran.  Whereon the President of Brazil, the Prime Minister of Turkey and President Ahmadinejad of Iran got together to announce in the Teheran Declaration that the letter was accepted.


Yet it was then only a few days before the USA torpedoed its own demand!  The reason for doing that is that America’s political desires, all controlled by Israel, are really about smashing every independent nation in the Middle East. They are certainly not concerned with having peace with any Middle East country (unless the regime is a totalitarian regime openly or tacitly supporting Israel as is the case with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan etc).


Zionist war-mongering is continual.  After the attack on the World Trade Center in September, 2001, General Wesley Clark, former head of NATO, was told of the basic Zionist policy which is that the USA intended attacking seven Islamic nations.


And look what happened!  Syria is in pieces, Iraq is in pieces, Libya is in pieces and Yemen is going to be put into pieces.  How clever of the USA!


So nobody is now surprised that the USA has immediately betrayed what it agreed only on Thursday, April 2 in Lausanne..


Everybody knows that the only way Iran could get any benefit from the negotiations over eighteen months would be for all the sanctions to be lifted at once.  If that were not the case, the USA controlled by Israel, would drag its feet in exactly the same way as Israel has promised to negotiate a solution for Palestine and, decades later, nothing has happened. Indeed Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu has only recently admitted that he has no intent on stopping continual settlements on Palestinian land still less allowing an independent Palestinian state.


In the recent P5+1 with Iran negotiations it was agreed that Iran is not building an atomic bomb and there is a fatwa against such building.  To which can be added that, unlike the USA which is continually at war with one country or another and Israel which commits some sort of atrocity on unarmed Palestinians every day, Iran has attacked nobody in hundreds of years.


Announcing the agreement the EU’s Federica Mogherini and Iran’s Javad Zarif were perfectly clear that sanctions were to be lifted all at once.  But within twenty four hours, just as they did in 2010 with the Teheran Declaration, the Americans had torpedoed the agreement.


And remember that in this account of deception and betrayal nobody mentions that Israel, a paranoid, out-of-control, racist regime, has hundreds of undeclared atom bombs, hydrogen bombs and abominable biochemical weapons.


Nor must be forgotten that Israel has what is called the Samson Option, which means that Israel has atomic bombs targeted on all the main capitals of the West, including Washington and New York.


So all Netanyahu has to do is to put his Dolphin submarines, with their atomic bomb missiles, on to emergency alert and, lo and behold! the Americans immediately decide that they can grant Israel its wish without anybody else realizing that the granting was done as the result of a very nasty and only too real Israeli threat.


So the truth is that in the negotiations of the P5 + 1 with Iran the USA was, as usual, acting in bad faith.


However, this cloud may have a silver lining.  After all that arduous work over eighteen months, the Russians, the Chinese, and the Europeans will be only too aware of what has happened and this American betrayal will be seen as yet another stage in the political, moral and economic decay of the USA.

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