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This version of Insight contains an interview with Sayyid Hussein Alamdar, a Muslim thinker who has been translating several important books on Islam, into English, for the people in the US and other English speaking people around the world. He introduces some of his books, and answers questions on a Muslims's duties at this critical juncture of history. 

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- World Shiite Muslims commemorate Arbaeen;
- Senior cleric condemns human rights violations, torture by US;
- New Intifada to emerge in West Bank;
- Photo Gallery: Arbaeen mourners, the world's biggest religious community.

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In this episode:

- Popular protests in US herald end of media censorship: Iranian MP;
- Zionist FM: Pay Arabs to leave;
- Official: ISIL terrorists pursuing Israel's goals in region;
- Photo: Anti-Israel movement around the world.

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- Leader: ISIL created by West to split Muslims;
- More lies from Washington;
- Senior cleric slams British PM’s anti-Iran remarks;
- Iraq reiterates Iran’s key role in fighting terrorism;
- A dictionary reference to war on ISIS.

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Main topics:

- Imam Mohammad Bagher;
- “Hajj is a great opportunity for Muslims to strengthen solidarity”;
- US is the biggest terrorist in last two centuries;
- Iran hosts Muslims Unity confab in Mecca;
- Gaza unable to rejoice Eid Ul-Adha;
- Muslim countries urged to protest against Hijab ban in sports.

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In this special version of our show Jeffrey Silverman, Veterans Today Bureau chief in Tbilisi, joined us to discuss the inhuman ISIL terrorists and their supporters.

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“It Be Late Very Soon!”, an interview with Barry Grossman, International Lawyer, about the disastrous situation in Myanmar. 

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- UN: apartheid is flourishing across US;
- US police brutality hints to genocide of blacks;
- Hamas launches rocket barrage deep into Israel;
- Growing political crisis in Pakistan;
- Yemeni Houthi Shias in Sana’a sit-ins ahead of Friday deadline;
- A former British catholic priest accepts Islam after reading the Qur’an.

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Main topics:

- Condemnation of genocide in Gaza;
- US: Muslims sue government over being put on terrorist watch list;
- Documentary series to feature life of 40 martyred Qur’an activists;
- Holding Intl. Qur’an contest for students, a constructive move;
- Major British retailer to sell school Hijab.

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- Intl. cartoon competition on Gaza;
- Native Americans stand with Gaza;
- Botanic garden ingrained with plants mentioned in Qur’an;
- Gazrat Zeynab (SA) holy shrine hosts Qur’an contest;
- Kufa university to establish Qur’an teaching center.

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- Gaza is the front line of the Islamic world at the moment;
- Over 2500 Susa inscriptions translated;
- Yemeni protesters decry Israel war on Gaza;
- Imam Reza’ss (AS) hadiths to be published in Armenia;
- Islamic exhibition at Cambridge University.

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- Syrian rebel commander confesses to receiving medical, military aids from Israel;
- IRGC commander: Enemies using new tactics against Islamic resistance;
- Doctors try to reach Gaza’s traumatized kids;
- Iranian university students, professors ask for global boycott of Israeli goods;
- Israel and ISIL in undeclared alliance: Syrian envoy.

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