Thursday 21 February 2019
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This episode of program is devoted to talk about God-man relationship focusing on the role of Du’a to increase the faith or Iman. Our guest was Sheikh Hojjat Davoodi.

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In this program we talked about the concept of Tawassul (intercession) toward which there is different ways of thinking. We’d like to have a fresh and open-minded perspective toward this topic to find that what Tawassul is and how it can influence people’s lives all around the world.

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In this series we are going to talk about Islamic and capitalistic economic systems and ideas of Shaid Sadr in Islamic economy. In the first episode Andrea Costa, researcher of Islamic economy from university of Sao Paulo, joined us to explain about her perception from Islamic economy.

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In another episode of our program about Islamic Lifestyle we discussed how implementing different aspects of Islamic lifestyle can improve people’s life.

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In this episode we tackled the importance of discussion about concept of lifestyle and how it’s possible to standardize the way we live.

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In this episode we continued our discussion about the compatibility of Islamic lifestyle with western societies and misconceptions regarding Islamic lifestyle in the current world with our expert Dr. Shojaiepour.

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Theoretical aspects of lifestyle, the Islamic concept of lifestyle, and its integration to different societies are subjects discussed in this part of our talks with Dr. Shojaiepour about Islamic Lifestyle.

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In this episode we continued previous discussion about lifestyle focusing on the western lifestyle and its differences from Islamic lifestyle. We also took a look at Islamic lifestyle from western perspective.

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There are different definitions and perspectives about Lifestyle. In this episode we start the new topic of lifestyle starting with the importance of it and different aspects covered in this term. Our expert Dr. Shojaieepour explains more about this subject.

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In this part of our discussion about Ijtihad and Taqlid we start our discussion with the issue of effect of place and time on the importance of Ijtihad. 

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This episode contains another discussion about Ijtihad and Taqlid with our expert in continuation of our previous talks.

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In continuation of previous discussions about Ijtihad and Taqlid, we tried to make resolution about the topic by asking questions from our expert. Our discussion is mostly focused on the issues related to Marja and Mujtahid as a person followed by others.

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