Thursday 21 February 2019
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What do you do to feel cheerful? Do you have to go to party to feel happy or watch a funny movie? Happiness is really important in our lives; it helps us keep a balance life. But what makes us actually happy? Where we get that kind of happiness differs in individuals. In this episode we discussed the importance of happiness in Islam and found how it really matters. Our expert, Dr. Mahmoud Karimi, explained more about this important topic. You can also find different interesting parts like book introduction, report, and so on.

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In modern age children are mostly amused by computer games. Instead of engaging in physical activities and physical games, children these days stay at home and spend their time playing with computer games. So we thought it will be a great idea to talk about what actually makes for an excellent game for children and we have taken a look at role models set by religious leaders. You can also enjoy articles, book introduction and another episode of Islamic lifestyle in this show.

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In this episode we talked about the important topic of genetic counseling to counter hereditary diseases. Genetic counseling can help us scan gens and prevent anyone that carries diseases. To talk more about this topic we invited Deepanjan Ghosh, genetic engineer, in the studio. As always you can enjoy different parts like book introduction, scientific articles, report, stories, and a lot more.

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In this version we talked about the importance of consultation to reach the best decision and its role within the family. Scientific articles, book introduction, and Islamic lifestyle are other parts of this show.

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Babies are the little angels of God on earth. Most married couples would love to have a bundle of joy in their home to bring the more cheer and happiness in their lives. However not every couple is able to have a baby; there might be a lot of troubles on the way of conception. There are many medical treatments for infertile couples but not all these treatments always work. In this episode our expert, Shima Behnammanesh who is a legal advisor to Royan research institute, explains more about Family Law where many problems will be happen to use modern treatment for infertility. Beside our discussion you can also find different parts like article, book introduction, and story in this episode of Pure Home.

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We dedicate this version of program to the most important issue of human rights considering the violations of human rights all over the world the worst of which happening in Gaza. In addition to our discussion on the topic of human rights we have articles, book introduction and also Islamic Lifestyle.

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In this episode we discussed the significance, blessings, and importance of Eid ul-Fitr for Muslims. You can enjoy watching reports, book introduction, stories, and Islamic lifestyle too.

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In this program we talked about the value of Laylatul Qadr (the night of decree). This is the night in which the holy Qur’an was revealed by God to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and God in the Qur’an says the value of night of Qadr is better and much more than a thousand months. In this episode we tried to find what exactly the night of Qadr is, what’s the significant of Laylatul Qadr, and what are deeds, prayers and supplications on this night. Moreover you can find news bites, Ramadhan book introduction, and also the third episode of Islamic lifestyle about the importance of knowledge.

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In this episode we talked in more detailed with our expert, Dr. Mohsen Reza Haydari, about health benefits of fasting. Informative articles, story, report, and book introduction are other parts of this episode of program.

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In this version of program we talked about the way we can encourage young people to be good Muslims. As always you can find different parts like articles, book introduction, Islamic Lifestyle, and much more in this program. 

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In this show we talked about Ramadhan specifically what does fasting mean to us and what its benefits are for our body and mind. Book introduction, report, and reading your emails are other parts of our program.

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In this program we talk about the manic of addiction and ways of treating and fighting this problem. Our expert is Dr. Hamed Ekhtiari who is a cognitive neuroscientist.  We also have the third part of Islamic Lifestyle on the importance of deliberation and also we have book introduction.

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