Thursday 21 February 2019
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While terror and killing have risen in the region there is no vivid strategy to fight against terrorists. Some Arab countries alongside western allies continue their support while innocent people are being killed in Iraq, Syria, and evev Lebanon. In this episode we have Kevork El Massian, political analyst, to talk about the situation in the Middle East.

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Iraq has been facing important changes to deal with its war situation. The new prime minister has been chosen while ISIL terrorist group continued its offensive on Muslim and also Christian Iraqis.
The latest situation in Iraq has been discussed in this show with our expert, Dr. Mohsen Saleh.

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In its last inhuman actions, the ISIL terrorist group has invaded the Lebanon and took control of Arsal town. In this episode of program we discussed ISIL’s terrorism in the Middle East with our expert Elias Farhat.

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Israel continues its offensive in the besieged Gaza strip killing nearly 190 people. People around the world have participated in protests to condemn the inhuman assaults by the Zionist Regime. In this episode we asked our expert, Dr. Mohsen Saleh, to analyze different aspects of Israel’s attack to Gaza.

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What are the goals ISIL backing, who benefits more from ISIL, and what countries are affected more? These are questions we tried to answer in this episode with our expert, Albert Watson.

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The ISIL extremist group tried to establish its so-called “Islamic State” with leadership of Abubakr Baghdadi. They also asked other takfiris to join them. In this episode we discussed this Un-Islamic terrorist group and its activities with our guest Dr. Maher Salloum.

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In this version of program we analyzed the situation in Lebanon after unrest caused by bomb blasts. Our expert was Dr. Kamal Wazneh, political analyst.

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This episode of show is devoted to the crisis in Iraq caused by ISIL terrorist group. In our discussion with Dr. Mohsen Saleh we want to find who is funding this terrorist group inside Iraq and why they chose specifically and how far can they go in the battle over there? Is the Iraqi army ready to handle all this situation?

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The presidential election in Egypt held after many conflicts in this African country. But many worry about the situation after election. The question is if Egypt returns to Mubarak era?
This is the topic discussed in this show with our analyst, Redwan Rizk.

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Kuwaiti Amir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahamd has started his first visit to Iran. It is his first visit to Iran since 2006 when he started ruling Kuwait. Officials from both countries believe that this event will be helpful for mutual cooperation on solving problems in the region. In this version of Spotlight Middle East we highlighted this political travel with our guest, Maher Saloum.

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This episode is about the chaos in Syria before the election. Dr. Kamal Wazne, Political Analyst, tells us more about the situation in Syria before the election.

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This episode of Spotlight Middle East contains our discussion with Dr. Elias Farhat about recent invitation of Saudi officials from Iran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, to visit Saudi Arabia. Most analysts believe that this political invitation will affect the situation in the Middle East.

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