Thursday 21 February 2019
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Dealing with parents who are angry or troubled on daily basis can be psychologically exhausting and emotional draining. Majority of parents who have adult children believe it’s easier for them to deal with them but studies show that the older the children are the more they are bothered. In this episode we talked with our experts about this important topic. 

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In Islamic teachings gossip is a forbidden act as it causes unethical damages to the society. But some psychological studies show that Gossiping can have a positive impact on society by helping encourage co-operation and reform bullies. Dr. Matthew Feinberg, a researcher at Stanford University in the United State who co-wrote the study, said: “Groups that allow their members to gossip sustain co-operation and deter selfishness better than those that don’t.”
“And groups do even better if they can gossip and ostracize untrustworthy members.”
This version of our program is dedicated to the important topic of Gossiping toward which you can find different approaches in contrast with Islamic teachings.

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Some critics believe that a religion which has been introduced 14 centuries ago cannot answer today’s human's questions and cannot provide human’s welfare. That’s while we see Muslims are pioneer in science, culture, sport, and any aspects of modern life. In this program we tried to find the best answer for this contrast.

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As Bonnie Harris who is expert in connective parenting says the key to understanding children lies in the perception that your child's resistance or defiance means your child is having a problem, not being a problem. Your child's behavior is your clue to turn your anger into compassion and your child's resistance to cooperation.
In this episode we talked about the relationship between parents and their children and the way you can improve parent-child relationship.

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Modesty is an innate psychological barrier which protects youngsters as their personalities are developing. This is the definition given by a Jewish writer published in her book: “A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue”. As you can see the modesty is an important topic in terms it gives security to people to live fairly in the society. In this episode of program we focused on this important issue which is needed to be discussed more in modern society.

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Human is a social creature and so it’s clear that living with friends is one important aspect of life. But as time goes on and more facilities add to life everything changes and friendship is no exception. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks have affected the way people engage their friend. That’s why we devoted this version of our program to this important issue.

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Being lazy and procrastination is one of bad habits prevailed among people in the modern life. That’s while many sayings and verses in Islamic texts has prevented human from this unacceptable behavior. In this episode we talked about procrastination, its causes, and the ways we handle it with consideration of Muslims in western and also non-Muslim societies.

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In this episode we are going to talk about how charity would be evolving in the society.

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Social pressure changes our values, attitude, and behavior and can even change our faith. We are social being therefore there is a sense of belonging to society or a group. So we are in the effect of different norms exist in the group or society. In this episode we talk about this important topic with our guests.

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In this version of program we talked about environment and Islam's attitude toward this important issue in the modern world.

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Jealousy is a psychological state that in the Islamic terms it is mentioned as a spiritual illness. It is sometimes reinforced by some strong emotions like insecurity, fear, anxiety, etc. In this week we have talked about this important topic with our guests.

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In this version of program we have talked about how parents can deal with rebelliousness in the younger generation. 

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