Friday 22 March 2019
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In continuation of previous discussion we talked about the issue of marriage in this version of Open Talk. Actually this is the topic which most people around the world concern about because constitution of family is one the most important parts of human’s life. We have invited two top Islamic scholars to tell us how Islam advises people for marriage.

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Modern day family crisis in the world is the subject of this episode of Open Talk. In this program you can find an informative discussion about the important topic of family in modern life with our guest and also short clips about the topic.

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In the past few weeks we have seen oppression all over the world from Syria where ISIL terrorist group does it best to kill people to Gaza where Israeli troops follow their Takfiri friends to destroy humanity and even to Myanmar where Muslims are under pressure by extremists.
This week’s show is devoted to the oppressed human from Syria and Gaza to Myanmar and Nigeria.

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Over the past few weeks people around the world has witnessed oppression against Palestinian innocent people by the Zionist regime and also one of the deadliest events of the century by the ISIL terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. While many people held protest against these massacres, many leaders remained silence. To discuss more about this issue we have Shaikh Qasim Muhammadi in the studio and also Sayyid Muhammad Razavi from London.

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Millions have been displaced, thousands have been killed, and there seems to be no end inside. This is the extremism that has shown itself in the face of ISIL and takfiri groups. Today we continued the last talk about Extreme Extremism with our experts Dr. Davoodi and Shaikh Ahmed Haneef.

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According to reports many people in Syria and Iraq have lost their homes and many others lost their lives as the result of war started by extremist groups in the region. The ISIL, the takfiri group, has shown that it’s the enemy of not only Muslims but also all human. They kill people regardless of their religious or ethnic background. They have proven this concept by destroying the brave of Prophet Joseph and also many churches. To discuss more about this extremism we invited two top Islamic intellects, Dr. Davoodi and Shaikh Razavi, to join us.

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Today we will finish the last discussion about depression by moving toward its solution and some preventative measurements against depression.

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Depression is a mood disorder that can cause persistent feeling of sadness and lose of interest. It might cause you thing life is not worth living. In the modern era depression is one of the most prevailed feelings among people. In this episode we talked with our experts about this important issue.

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The pursuing of happiness is the topic we talked about in this episode of Open Talk with our experts.

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Happiness is a mental or emotional state of wellbeing characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. This emotional state can be looked upon biological, psychological, religious and philosophical approach. Today’s topic is about pursuing happiness and we invited two top experts to explain more about it.

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This episode of the show is devoted to the auspicious month of Shaban as the holy Prophet called it his month. In this month we honored personalities of Imam Husayn, Imam Sajjad, and Hazrat Abbas, peace be upon them.

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This program is called "The Last Messenger", a special on the day of Mab'ath. Our guests were Dr. Qanbari (Qum) and Father Nadim Nassar (London).

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