Friday 22 March 2019
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The Arab world has the highest level of unemployment in the world. Over 23% in the region verse 60% of the Arab world is under the age of 30. Unemployment and economic tumble down in the Middle East is the issue tackled in this week’s Prime Talk.

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The man of Islam is constructive; he builds his environment and himself. His success in building his environment depends on his success in self-making and vice versa. Environmental and spiritual health is the topic tackled in this episode of program with our expert Dr. Ibrahim Al Moussawi.

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What is the importance of long-term goals? Is it essential to plan ahead? This is what we will find in this episode of our discussion.

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How organize our time is the subject discussed in this episode of Prime Talk with our expert.

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This is the second episode of Prime Talk about the topic of music.

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In this episode we devoted our talk to the important topic of Music.

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If there is a religion that addresses every might you need within man it can none other than Islam. One of the most significant things misunderstood Islamic conceptions is the role of entertainment to what reach spiritual harmony and perfection. Youth and entertainment has been discussed in this version of Prime Talk. 

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How to identify the true Muslim? And what is a Muslim supposed to do and follow? What are her/his basic principles? Youth and Religiosity is the topic of this episode in which you can find appropriate answers to these questions.

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What is the meaning of the term “Jurisprudence”? And should our youth learn the verdicts of Islam and what are the topics that they should mostly learn about? Youth and jurisprudence will be the issue tackled in this episode of Prime Talk.

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Universities are centers for building up men. Men who should never surrounded to humiliation and disgrace. Thus universities should graduate people whose duty is to buckle down the belts of mending and reformation. Universities and graduates is the subject tackled in this show with our expert Sheikh Afdel Mer Ali.

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In this version of our discussion in Prime Talk our expert answers questioins about Social Networks.

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Remembering different verses in Islamic quotes about unity among Muslims, this version of Prime Talk is about Islamic Unity. Our expert Sheikh Afzal MerAli answers questions about unity in Islamic society.

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