Wednesday 20 February 2019
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This episode of program is about the auto part exhibition held in Tehran which is one the most important events in the Middle East. We invited Mohammadreza Najafi-Manesh who is a member of Iran’s Automotive Part Maker Association to explain more about Iran’s improvements in auto industry.

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Prominent Muslim scholars from more than 70 countries have come together in the Iranian city of Qom for a conference on Takfiri ideologies and threats.
In this episode we talked with Dr. Mohsen Qanbari about different aspects of this conference.

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Last week Iran and G5+1 held the latest round of talks around Iran's peaceful nuclear program inwhich two parties decided to extend negotiations for 7 more months. In this regard we invited two top analysts, Dr. Mohammad Marandi and Dr. Abootalebi, to join us and discuss more about this issue.

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In this show we focused on Iran-IAEA ties in view of Amano’s recent visit to Iran. Our expert, Seyed Davood Salehi, Iran’s Fmr. Ambassador to Spain, joined us to speak more on this issue.

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Iranian handicrafts have always been the symbol of artistry and having creative insight. Popular world-wide for its exquisite fennec and all inspiring work, Iranian handicrafts are finding space in foreign markets. Carpets in particular are very popular among overseas consumers and experts believe that if Iran insures to package the products well handicraft goods can become the highest export earner for the country. In this show we talked with Dr. Nazila Daryaie, researcher of Iranian art, about developments in Iranian art and handicrafts.

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Israel's military attack on the Gaza strip has caused mass destruction and left a historical death toll. By killing many civilians and remaining many people injured, the Zionist regime used its most advanced military power to stop Palestinians from their rights.
To discuss more about this issue we have invited Dr. Mojtahedzadeh and Dr. Shadjareh to join us in this episode.

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The Iranian capital has been playing host to 22nd International Holy Qur'an Exhibition which was inaugurated in the last week of June.
The massive public participation comes as no surprise since we Muslims consider the Holy Qur'an as the path to salvation for all. The God Almighty has shown us His Grace by revealing such a Holy Book.
In this episode our expert, Dr. Seyed Hassan Esmati, explains more about this event.

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The ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1 is the subject analyzed in this episode of program with our experts Dr. Khani and Jim Brann, both experts in political issues.

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Iran's health care system has developed in different aspects like the public-state system, the private sector, and NGOs. In this edition of program we focused on these development inviting one of experts in health care systems, Dr. Bijan Sadrizadeh, President of the Public Health Association of Iran.

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In this episode our experts, Pirooz Mojtahedzadeh and Nader Entessar analyze different aspects of recent talks between Iran and G5+1 around Iran's nuclear acrivities.

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“FINEX; an event with abundant investment opportunities” was the slogan of the 8th International Exhibition on Exchange, Bank and Insurance in Tehran. FINEX is the most important Iranian financial gathering and is attended by listed companies in such fields as securities and commodities exchanges, commercial and investment banks, investment funds and insurance companies. Dozens of companies took part in this year’s exhibition.
This episode is about Finex 2014 with presence of Karim Karimi, head of international division of Iran SEO, and Hodjat Farhangian, the planning director at SIDSCO.

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This episode is about the ongoing talks between Iran and G5+1 around the Iran's nuclear activities. Our guests are Mohammad Hassan Khani, Prof. of Political Science & International Relations, Imam Sadiq University, and Na`eem Jeenah, Executive Director of the Afro-Middle East Centre, Johannesbur

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