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Yemen: Embalmed in Blood and Dust

Satellite news channels continue to show demolished buildings in Yemen where emergency workers are extracting bodies from under them, mostly women and children, embalmed in blood and dust.


This is while Western news anchors personify their countries' moral blindness by being careful to avoid referring to these deliberate massacres as an escalation by the House of Saud and their American-Israeli masters.

The massacres are being crafted as punishment for those living among Ansarullah, for those who are related to Ansarullah, and for those who believe the resistance is their best hope of preventing another Saudi occupation.

As always, the United Nations symbolizes everything that is so wrong and corrupt about the international community and its so-called conscience. The world body has become a mere plaything of the United States and its allies, and, by default, of the Israel lobby.

It has become nothing more than a talking shop, one so enfeebled that it lacks the moral backbone even to denounce unequivocally the murder of its own unarmed observers by the Saudi mob. This endless sophistry is designed to lull the world into acquiescence and the Western media are so oblivious to the double standards.

Yemen expects no protection for its unarmed civilians from the disgraced Arab officialdom or an international body as emasculated as the UN. Despite the blood and dust, the warmongers have failed to corner the resistance and this has surprised the world.

Ansarullah has been defending their country from the ground, air and sea against an armed-to-the-teeth coalition for 64 days now, something that all the fat generals in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman couldn't do with billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of state-of-the-art weaponry in that shameful 6-day Israeli-Arab War of the 1960s.

Golden pages are indeed being written in the history of Middle East, lauding the resistance fighters who are maintaining their couth and have demonstrated against all odds that they are a force to be reckoned with. They have done an impossible job for more than two months now, something that 10 Arab armies failed to do collectively in more than 50 years. Little wonder they have now joined Israel to demolish Yemen.

The most malign influences in the Middle East have been taken off-guard, though. True they managed to unleash an air war using precision-guided munitions, as a result of which civilian homes, hospitals, schools, government buildings, power plants, gas stations, bridges and roads were all hit - all in violation of the principle of proportionality. But this is not producing victory.

And the Yemeni resistance has only shown a part of its military prowess. The unprovoked war will end up harming Riyadh in ways undreamed of. After all, it ain’t over till it’s over.

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